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Winning the big table: 6 Baccarat tips and strategies

Given its elitist factor, baccarat has long been linked as the first choice of casino table game among high-rollers. That said, with in-depth knowledge of the rules, playing tips, and betting strategies, you can sway the winning odds to your favour, albeit being heavily influenced by chances and fate. So, are you ready to turn your small-time wagers into bigger and more exciting payouts? Keep on reading below because we give you six effective tips.

  1. Know first your preferred baccarat variant

Baccarat has three popular variants, namely, Punto Banco (big baccarat), Chemin de Fer, and mini-baccarat. Before laying down your bets and making decisions, keep in mind that not all betting strategies — which are explained further down below — would effectively work in all types. On that note, this leads us to the second tip.

  1. Mini-baccarat can be risky

Different variants also mean various rules and pros and cons. While mini-baccarat is the smaller, lower-stakes version of punto banco, its pacing is incredibly much faster that you might end up finishing your bankroll than you planned or expected before. If, however, you are still keen on giving it a try, ensure that you always bet on the banker until it loses.

  1. House edge matters

Another best part of baccarat is that it’s one of the casino games with the lowest house edge. That said, do note that the standard is still subject to changes based on different casinos. So, whether you play at land casinos like in a Vegas strip or online casinos like in Bitcasino, be mindful of their rules and wagering details. 

  1. Use the right baccarat betting strategy

Baccarat may have been often called a game of luck, but you can steer your winning chances by applying your skills in betting strategies. The most famous ones are as follows:

  • Martingale system: It’s a progressive strategy perfect for high-rollers, suggesting that you increase your bet after every loss. Not only will you get the lost money back, but also a little profit. In that sense, we don’t recommend this in mini-baccarat.
  • d’Alembert system: This time, it’s a progressive strategy for beginners. It bears lower risks because you only add one unit to your stake and deduct another unit after each win. You continue this pattern according to your desired amount.
  • Paroli system: It suggests that you double your stake after every three consecutive wins. Once reached, you go back to the start of the sequence.
  • Fibonacci system: This strategy shares the same concept with the d’Alembert system but only follows the Fibonacci sequence, which is the sum of the two previous numbers.
  1. Keeping things under control

Playing tips and betting strategies are good and all, but nothing beats the essence of being pragmatic at all times. Bear in mind that winning streaks also come to an end, which is why it’s crucial that you implement a ‘stop-loss’ policy. Only bet money that you can afford to lose.

  1. Keep on practising, play online baccarat

This is the beauty of online baccarat, a lot of online casinos like Bitcasino offer ‘play for free’ and ‘real money’ options. The former allows you to fully explore the game’s mechanics and test different strategies without denting your bankroll.

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