Cryptocurrencies Accepted by Bitcasino

Bitcasino is proud to claim the title of being the first licensed Bitcoin casino in the world! They offer only the best quality online casino games and all of them are playable with cryptocurrencies. There are so many cryptocurrencies that are circulating the globe right now and Bitcasino aims to welcome as many as possible soon. However, that may take a while. Here are some of the cryptocurrencies that are currently being supported by Bitcasino:


Platform: Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin is credited as the very first cryptocurrency in the world. It is also the most popular and it has the highest value out of all the currencies. It can also be considered as the most basic to the point that it is called ‘primitive’ compared to the new ones. Despite this, it is still counted as the standard of the industry so it has the highest number of users, investors, and traders.


Platform: Ethereum

Ethereum is considered as the first crypto platform developed after the Bitcoin blockchain. It is heavily inspired by the decentralized concept but used its potential to support applications instead of transactions. That being said, it still has a native currency called ETH that can be used for trade and investments. Although it was meant to serve applications and programs, it is considered as the second most popular and valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.


Platform: Ripple

Ripple is a platform that works similarly to Bitcoin but is meant to be used by large institutions such as corporations and national banks of the world. They aim to revolutionize how banking works by removing the hassle of transferring physical assets and replacing them with digital ones. It also made conversion between currencies easier by making every supporting fiat currencies convertible to XRP.

Individuals and small business owners are also welcome to use the Ripple platform. They can invest and pay using XRP.


Platform: Litecoin network / LTC Platform

Litecoin is a fork from the Bitcoin Core client. It works similarly in a way that the Bitcoin blockchain works and how the currency is used. However, Litecoin prides itself for being faster than its competitor. True to its name, this currency has a smaller value than Bitcoin which is largely thanks to having more coins in circulation at the beginning.


Platform: Bitcoin blockchain

The USDT is called a ‘stablecoin’ because it is designed to have a value that is always equal to an existing fiat currency. In this case, it is based on the United States dollar. Its developer promises to always keep its value equal to 1USD at all times. However, there is a slight difference as time passes. Today, it is a few cents cheaper than its base currency.


Platform: Tron

Tron is simple enough to explain that most people would compare it to Bitcoin, even more than others. However, it was initially designed as a content-sharing platform. Imagine Facebook or Instagram but nobody owns the network and no data from the users are being recorded and sold. The TRX is a tradable coin that can support the platform or be used for purchases.

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