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Keno: A Simple and Fast-Paced Form of Lottery

Lotteries are not exactly ‘engaging’ like other games in Bitcasino but that’s the beauty of it. Some people simply wish to invest for a chance of winning without the unnecessary tension that comes with anticipation. Lotteries are designed for people who like to wager an amount they wouldn’t mind losing for a chance of winning a life-changing sum of money.

Keno offers the same opportunity as the traditional lottery. The main difference is how significantly faster the results of Keno appear. Instead of waiting for weeks or months, the draw can be instant or just a few minutes away.

How to Play Keno

The first thing players need to know about is the ticket. These are often pieces of paper with a grid of numbers ranging from 1-80. Online keno can follow the same format. However, they have the advantage of the user interface so they can make it more concise and convenient using a different format. Once familiar, then they can play the game by following the steps below:

  • Choose your numbers. Just like a traditional lottery with multi-million dollar rewards, the player needs to choose their numbers. This could be their favourite numbers or they can let the machine randomize their choices. Unlike multi-million dollar lotteries, the numbers to choose from are only ranging until 80 and each player can choose up to 10 numbers per draw. Some formats of Keno could reach up to 15 chosen numbers per ticket.
  • Place your bets. Unlike most casino games where your bet varies on your mood, the price of wager in Keno is fixed. The price depends on the gamemaster or the casino you are playing at. If you are playing in an online casino, there is always an option for you to use the same set of numbers for multiple draws. If you placed a bet for 6 draws, the game would automatically show you six series of numbers then compare your choices to each of them.
  • Check the pay table. This contains the rewards the players can expect to get after the draw. The prize table is often updated per draw. Sometimes they have a fixed amount but often they show a multiplier to your bet.
  • Wait for the draw. If you are playing at a real casino then the gamemaster has to wait for every player to lay down everyone’s bets before drawing numbers. No matter the format, the Keno gamemaster often draws more than the max quantity of numbers chosen per ticket. For example, the gamemaster draws 20 numbers out of 80. Each player can compare those with their 10 selected numbers and everyone can win with a different combination of numbers.
  • Claim your prize. Your prize should be based on the pay table given by the gamemaster and should not be affected by the number of winners per draw.

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