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A closer look at Bitcasino’s loyalty programme

A lot of people love playing in online casinos since they offer the same winning opportunities as land casinos. It also has more available games compared to the traditional setting. One of the factors that players love most about online casinos is how they give their players bonuses. 

With those, players are given the chance to earn more even when they spend less on their chosen games. Whereas bonuses are often restricted to land casino VIPs, all online players can receive such.

However, this doesn’t imply that there can’t be VIPs on the online platform. Here at Bitcasino, we have a high appreciation for those who stick with us whenever they wish to play. So, if you are planning to share your loyalty here with us, here is a closer look at our special programme made just for you. 

Our loyalty programme 

The Bitcasino Loyalty Club is open to anyone who has an account with us. If you are a regular player, you can level up in our programme and earn more benefits each time. Here, you can earn Loyalty Level Points (LP) as you play. With these points, you can level up and unlock better prizes and bonuses.

Loyalty levels

There are 7 Milestones or Loyalty Levels that can be reached here with us. Each one rewards players with prizes, freebies, and benefits that get better on every level. Each of them requires a certain number of points earned before they can be enjoyed. If you are not yet familiar with the system, here are some of the Loyalty levels and their point requirements. 

  • Level 1: Beginner

You will be at this level upon signing up for an account.

  • Level 2: Fan 

You will automatically be at this level once you play a game or once you wager for the first time. 

  • Level 3: Expert 

You can be under this level once you reach 3,750 points. 

  • Level 4: Master 

You can be at this level at the moment you reach 30,000 points. 

  • Level 5: Guru

Entering this level means that you have just surpassed 250,000 points.

  • Level 6: Legend 

You can fall under the legend status once you have surpassed 750,000 points. 

  • Level 7: VIP

You will reach the VIP status or the most prestigious level when you reach 3,750,000 points. 

Loyalty programme rewards

Different rewards can be received upon moving further through the different levels that we have here in Bitcasino. Here are some of them. 

  • Milestone rewards 

Here, you can receive free spins, bonuses, and points multipliers. 

  • Rebate cash 

A portion of your initial wager is refunded. This depends on the house edge percentage of your chosen game. 

By checking out our loyalty program here at Bitcasino, you will earn bigger bonuses that allow you to have a worthwhile playing experience. With that, we hope that you keep on playing with us as we give you the bonuses that you deserve! 

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