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Slot Machines, Slot Games, and Video Machines

Casinos have come a long way from the fruits and horseshoes that decorated its slot machines. Sure, modern-day slot games still use reels and pay lines as per tradition. These are what made the game iconic and recognizable. They also offer a sense of familiarity to gamblers. That doesn’t stop modern developers from being creative, though.

Modern Slot Games

Slot machines and video slots continue to be one of every casino’s most popular games. What defines them is their reliance on luck rather than skill. Online slots such as the ones offered by Bitcasino also proved to be successful as they can be played anywhere and at any time.

What Makes a Game a Slot Game?

Many developers try to push the boundaries of what defines a slot game. By its most crude definition, a ‘slot game’ is defined by the hole where the player places a stake. In brick and mortar casinos, these come in the form of a bill-acceptor. Online casinos can accept deposits through money transfer and online banking.

The most conventional definition of a slot game, by general agreement between players, is that it is a gambling game with instant results determined by complete randomness. This is the basis of many developers today as they try to create new ways to make slot games more exciting.

Slot machines tend to be difficult to work with. They are defined by their mechanical elements with a fixed arrangement of symbols on each reel. Online and video slot games tend to allow every reel to randomize the order of symbols. It makes the game more exciting with more possible combinations and higher payouts.

Online casinos also developed two new games of chances that can be found under their ‘slot game’ category. The first is avalanche slots where the goal is to match five or more of the same symbol, colour, or creature in a grid. The player gains a fraction of their stake for every match made with each roll until no more matches can occur. The other is crash gambling where the player places a bet, watches as it is multiplied over time, then cash out before it crashes.

Video Machines in Casinos Are Not Always Slot Games

There are video machines in both online and land-based casinos that are meant to be played as single-player versions of table games. You can find versions for poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, backgammon, and even horse racing. There are few instances of these in popular online casinos like Bitcasino because the live service games are more popular.

When playing these video machines, you have to be aware of the rules for the game you wish to play as they also come with decision-making. This is a very important distinction from slot games where the result of every game is based entirely on luck.

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