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Top Slot Themes and Why They Are Popular

Almost every slot game today follows a certain theme. It uses motifs from that theme for symbols, soundtracks, and simply for presentation. Most would fully customize their slot reels and format to better suit the theme. These themes do more than just look fun. They serve to expand the player’s experience while playing an otherwise monotonous game.

Themes also serve to attract specific kinds of players who are searching for more ‘flavour’. Other times, game providers simply enjoy the capabilities of online casinos so they tend to be creative with animations and soundtracks. Here are some of the most popular themes found on Bitcasino and other online casinos.

Greek Gods and Warriors

Greek mythology has been popular around the world thanks to Hollywood often creating movies based on it. It may also be thanks to how Greek history being a mandatory part of many country’s general education for scholars of politics, philosophy, and literature. However, there is no denying that a game involving the gods of war and wisdom feels glorious. It may also be popular because game providers have so many symbols to make from Greek lore.

Vikings and Norse Mythology

Though not as popular as Greek, Vikings and Norse gods are also prominently featured in online casinos. Their games, however, are often exploring the ferocious nature of their warriors rather than the glory of the gods. There’s something about the images of berserkers, bandits, and marauders that inspires the players.

Aztecs and Other ‘Lost City’ Themes

There’s always the idea that lost cities are full of gold. It is an idea popularized by European crusaders because some of the cities they invaded do have hoards of golden artefacts. The theme of ‘lost cities’ also gives the feeling of adventure because of traps which can resonate perfectly with the game of slots.

Ancient Egypt and Mythology

Ancient Egypt also offers a minefield of inspiration for symbols and motifs, making it easily as popular as the ones mentioned above. However, Cleopatra’s reign also gave Egypt the identity of being graceful and educated. There is also the story of Ramesses II, the one recorded as the most influential pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

Wild West

The idea of the Wild West, or pre-industrialization America, is mostly celebrated by movies and books for its chaotic setting. It is the period in human society when everyone is civil enough to know the law and practice hygiene, but not advanced enough to stave off bandits from raiding trains and banks. Similarly to slots, it can take one lucky moment to turn a bad day into good and vice versa.

Fruits and Other Food

Sometimes, people don’t want to be immersed in a sense of adventure. Oftentimes, they just want to see cute imagery and fun animations while they play slots and listen to fun music. Fruits are also considered a classic theme because early slot machines feature fruits and berries.

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