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Beginners’ guide: How to play online teen patti

Teen patti is a card game that originated from India. It is commonly known as Flash or Flush, and is played in a group of 3 to 6. It uses a 52-card deck without jokers. The game begins by placing a bet.

Brief History of Teen patti

Online casinos such as Bitcasino include a wide variety of games in their selection. Since online casino gaming dissolves boundaries across different cultures in the world, every player gets to experience games originating from different regions in the world.

Teen patti is an integral part of the Indian cultural heritage. It was a friends-and-family game with small bets. Elders of the family, especially the grandparents, used to play it at home as a form of entertainment. 

The game’s popularity is also closely linked with religion. Teen patti is commonly played at Hindu religious festivals and Diwali festivals. People play this game as they socialize, celebrate their religion, and celebrate life itself.

Basics of Teen patti

Teen patti is one of the most-played online casino games out there. Read on the step-by-step guide of how to play it.

  1. Each player gets 3 cards that are faced down.
  1. Players agree on the amount of the minimum stake before they place their bets. All of their bets will be placed together. The game continues and the total amount of money that the winner of that hand shall get continuously increases.
  1. Players can place bets with or without seeing their cards after the cards are dealt. Here are the cards that players can get. They are also ranked from highest to the lowest:
  • Trail
    3 cards belonging to the same rank
  • Straight flush
    Consecutive cards that of the same suit
  • Sequence or Normal run
    Consecutive cards are not of the same suit
  • Colour
    Non-consecutive cards that are of the same suit
  • Pair
    Two cards of the same rank
  • High card
    The highest card is A and the lowest card is 2.

7. Players place bets in a clockwise manner as the game begins. The bet can either be collected with the other bets or not.

8. To stay in the game, a player should contribute the right amount into the pot. A seen player gives twice as much as what a blind player gives. The current stake is also always one unit at the beginning of the game.

9. The game is played until only one player remains. They win the money regardless of what cards they have.

10. In a case where two players are left, one of them can play for a show, expose, and compare cards. The winner will then be determined.

Now that you know the basics rules of the game, you can give Teen patti a try on top casino sites like Bitcasino. Test out your luck in an exciting way and learn about the hype yourself.

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