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No matter how many matches happen in casinos worldwide, expert gamblers still go back to their favourite casino game table. It may be the Blackjack game that they have learned from their grandfather. It can be to the Roulette game that they have taken a fascination to after a single peek. Whatever it is, games of chances always have that special pull on us.

Bitcasino offers you a place to return to quench the thirst for that special kind of thrill. We have one of the largest collection of casino games online that is sure to give you what you want.

One of our most popular games is Blackjack. Blackjack is a game that true professional gamblers love since it does not only rely on Lady Luck. You would really need skill, practice and even talent paired with luck to beat the dealer at a Blackjack table.

Having a very low casino advantage of 1%, gamblers flock to this game and even make a living out of it. Regardless, winning big money in the game is a feat to be proud of.

See why the game is adored by gamblers across the world. Here at Bitcasino, you’ll surely fall in love with Blackjack too!

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The Blackjack Game Mechanics

Blackjack is probably one of the most famous games of the casino. Instead of playing with other gamers, this is a card game where you play against the casino. More than a game of chance, you will need skills to own a round at the Blackjack table.

Played with two (2) or more decks of cards, the goal of Blackjack is to create a hand combination that equals a natural or 21 or closer. Thus, you don’t really need to get the perfect 21. You just need to have a hand closer to 21 without going over or you’ll go bust. When you go bust, you lose.

The counting system in Blackjack is similar to other card games. Face cards are also worth ten. Other cards are valued by the number of their pips (2-10). With a rule exclusive to Blackjack, aces can be counted as either 11 or 1.

Thus, aces can be used to counter going past 21. Any hand formed with an ace is called a soft hand. The rest are all hard hands.

The Blackjack Table

A Blackjack casino game will most of the time only need a table, a shoe, the discard tray and the betting chips. The betting chips are used to indicate the stakes of players. Blackjack payouts are most of the time 3:2 or 2:1 depending on the game and casino.


The typical Blackjack table seats seven players. Some gamblers in the early premiere years of Blackjack believed that where they were seated in the Blackjack table affects their luck and chances of winning the game. This is why there are names to the positions with a certain reputation attached to it.

The first seat at the right-most is labelled as the ‘first base’. With some unofficial events that take place in some casinos, it is believed that only a Blackjack leaders can sit at this seat. This is because having an experienced player to start the game can benefit to the flow of the game. This is something that novices to the game may fail to do.

It can also be said that the first decisions to be made by the first base can also affect the next players. After all, a player in this seat is the first to receive cards and first to make a decision.

The last seat at the opposite end of the first base is called the ‘third base’. They can also refer to this spot as a seat for the ‘anchor player’. This is the player who is the last to receive cards and make decisions.

Although players sometimes have a high regard to those who choose this seat, this is actually the perfect place to count cards. This is why security is also tight on the players in this seat.

Well, these are just additional information as you do not have to ponder which seat you’ll be using. Choose the most comfortable seat at home or even in the backseat of a car while you are betting here at Bitcasino.

The Shoe and Discard Tray

The shoe is a device used by casinos to ensure that their dealers will not cheat. The shoe can hold multiple decks of cards at once. The usage of the shoe will minimize chances of hole carding which is when a player or dealer catches a glimpse of the card.

Hole carding is highly possible when cards are dealt manually and by a novice dealer. Players can also take advantage of this occurrence. To enjoy a fair match of Blackjack, hole carding and other illegal actions must be avoided.

The shoe also uses a cut card that a player or croupier will put in a random placement among the shuffled decks of cards. This is where the dealer will cut the decks.

The cut card will be placed near the end of the cards after the shuffle. When the cut card is reached in the shoe, it would mean that a card shuffle is needed again. These cards are now placed in the discard tray.

The shoe is called such since its first design looked like a high-heeled shoe.

The discard tray is sometimes coloured red to see if cheating has occurred. Some people used to mark cards with ink that can be seen with the material used in the trays.

Preparation of the Cards

Blackjack games should start with the dealer shuffling the decks of cards. Another croupier or player will be asked to put the cut card in any random place in the collected decks. The dealer will then proceed to cut the cards. Thus, the dealer could not cheat in the duration of the game.

The card is reinserted by the dealer to mark the end of the deck. When the cut card is seen again, another set of cards will be used.

Duration of the Game

After bets have been placed, there will be a signal to mean that no more bets can be placed.

The dealer deals card one by one in a clockwise pattern. On whether the card is dealt face up or down is decided by the casino. In most instances, the dealer’s first card is given face down. The second card is used to flip the first card and then dealt face down.

In some casinos, insurance bets can be placed. These can be placed when the first card of the dealer turns out to be an ace or a ten. In case the dealer gets a blackjack with his second card, the insurance bet will win while his first loses.

Casino dealers most of the time follow pre-laid rules in hitting and standing. Casinos commonly establish that the dealer will hit at 16 and lower. They will be forced to stand at 17 and higher.

For the rest of the game, one of the dealer’s cards will be shown so that players can decide on the action they will take. The following are moves that one can take in a Blackjack game.

  • Stand: Keep your cards.
  • Hit: Take one card.
  • Double Down: Double your bet for the game and receive one more card. This will be possible when your two cards total to 8 until 11.
  • Split: If your first hand is a pair, you can split the hand into two to have more chances of winning against the dealer. After doubling the first bet, you will receive two cards to count with each of the pair.
  • Surrender: You can give up the game with half of your stake back. This must be done before the dealer checks his cards for a blackjack. Not all casinos offer this move.

Winning and minimizing losses depend on the moves you will take in a Blackjack match. Know when you are at an advantage to double down. Knowing when you will hit or stand is essential to winning some rounds.

The players’ cards are sometimes given face down and would only be shown when going bust or when requesting for a split.

In the European Blackjack, only one card is dealt to the dealer at the beginning of the round. After all the moves by the rest of the table, the dealer will get a card and check for Blackjack. When the dealer gets a Blackjack in the European setting, the players with Blackjack will get their stakes back.

Those with split bets will either lose the first or both stakes. In the variations of Blackjack, different house rules also apply for those who split. Doubling bets may not be allowed by some casinos.

Aside from the classic game, Bitcasino offers other variations of Blackjack. One of them is Double Exposure where both cards of the house are shown. You can also try your luck in high-limit games made for hefty stakes and winnings.

Bitcasino also has a collection of live Blackjack tables aside from automated video games. Play now to hit that 21 in our Blackjack games!

Variations of Blackjack

There are many ways to play Blackjack. There are many variations of the game all throughout the world. Aside from this, there are some special rules that can level up the classic game of Blackjack.

Even its name came from a special bet. In the past, players win extra money with 10:1 odds if they make a winning hand using the ace of spades and any of the black Jacks. Thus, it was called Blackjack.

The following are a variety of Blackjack games throughout the gambling scene.

Progressive Blackjack

This variation of Blackjack is the same as the Classic in terms of gameplay. The only difference is Progressive Blackjack table require a consistent 1 coin bet for the progressive pot money.

European Blackjack

This variation is played with only two decks of cards. The two cards of the players are dealt face up while the dealer’s second hole card is not dealt until after the betting round. The rest of the game is played the same way.

Spanish 21

This is the Spanish version of the game. Played with sic (6) to eight (8) cards, all of the 10 valued cards are removed to end with an increased house advantage. The dealer peeks at his hole card and wins if it is a Blackjack. If a player has a Blackjack, it will result in a push or a tie. Insurance and Surrender Bets are also allowed.

Blackjack Switch 

This is a variation of the Blackjack game that allows players to switch between another pair of cards. Cards are dealt face up.

With a 1:1 odds, the player only gets his bet back if he already has a Blackjack before a switch.


Pontoon is played like the Spanish variation of the game, Spanish 21. This also removes all the ten-value cards. Instead of actions Hit, Stand and Double Down, this is called the Twist, Stick and Buy respectively. Pontoon allows the player to twist after buying.

The Natural Blackjack hand is also called Pontoon in this game.

Super fun Charlie

A Super Fun Charlie does not disappoint its name. Although similar to the classic Blackjack in its gameplay, the payouts and rules of the game is different.

This Blackjack pays even money. You can also hit, stand or double down on any number you want to. In this game, it is a rule that a player’s blackjack is always better than the dealer’s.

Five Card Charlie

The Five Card Charlie is a rule that some casinos offer with their games. This rule’s goal is not to win the game through a Blackjack. You win when you are left with five (5) cards in your hands while not going bust.

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Unlike other casinos, you can freely open our casino on any of your mobile devices! May you have a desktop, a tablet or a phone we will function to the best of our abilities. We are also supported in a variety of systems. This way you can play with your peers even if you have an IOS or Android phone.

Our games can be easily accessed with simple browsing and scrolling due to our user interface. They are immediately sorted to game categories, providers and themes. This way you can easily view Blackjack online games from our trusted partners like One Touch, BetSoft, Yggdrasil and Wazdan.

Aside from these, you can also easily view our blogs and promotions in their specific sections that you can freely navigate to. Read one of our articles on Blackjack in our Blogs section or look for an upcoming Blackjack Tournament!

If you are craving the human touch of a Blackjack game, look no further as Bitcasino offers you its collection of Blackjack games in our Live Casino. Aside from this card game, our Live Casino has a variety of games like Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Our Live Casino has an entirely different section when you access our Live Casino Lobby. Here you can view our available Blackjack tables! You can easily toggle between other game categories such as Roulette, Poker and Baccarat in the Lobby.

Other information can also be accessed here.

  • Game Information and Basics
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Our Live Casino also holds Blackjack tournaments for our players. Our Live Gaming Tournaments provide our competitive players the venue to earn more coins and play with the highest level of thrill.

There are two kinds of Tournaments that are held at Bitcasino. They are the Sit-and-Go Tournaments and Scheduled Tournaments. Although both are announced ahead of time, there are certain rules that make them different. It is vital that interested players view information on this matter.

Sit-and-Go Tournaments last a little bit quicker than the scheduled ones. They may not need registration and you can play once the contest conditions are met. Most games start immediately when there are enough participants to run the competition. Other players who want to join in the fun can join even after the game has already started.

Scheduled Tournaments are grander tournaments. They can also be a series of rounds or one continuous play. Depending on the mechanics, they can last weeks or months long.
Normally scheduled tournaments won’t accept new or unregistered players in the game while the contest is running. If you also miss the start, you might not be able to join anymore.

Pot prizes are most of the time divided among the top players of the contests. Scheduled ones have bigger prizes than Sit-and-Go Tournaments ranging from hundreds to thousands of coins. However, there is a smaller amount of people fighting for the smaller jackpots at the Sit-and-Go Tournaments.

The differences between the two can help you decide which tournament you’ll join. Or join all of them as we have made them all for you! There are more details, and twists brought every day by the Bitcasino team so be sure to view our contest at the Tournaments Section!

The Blackjack tournaments can be played in multiple rounds. Players start simultaneously and no new players can join the game when it has already started.

The Blackjack game will happen according to the chosen variation of the Tournament. There is usually an elimination done through the chips. The players who go bankrupt will need to leave the game. The last player standing will earn the tournament jackpot prize.

Aside from this, there can also be additional rules where the wins in different matches are counted. The players who have the most number of wins will top the leaderboard. The pot will be divided based on the players’ ranking.

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Bitcasino accepts the following cryptos from our avid players connected through the net.

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  • Tron or Tronix (TRX)

Upon deposits and withdrawals, we make sure that they are automatically reflected in your account. You can also toggle the gaming metric of your coins between mɃ (1,000mɃ = 1BTC) or μɃ (1,000,000μɃ = 1 BTC) in your account overview. The EUR conversion of your gaming coins is automatically displayed at Bitcasino in case you ever want to cash out!

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Betting Methods

These are betting patterns that you may use when playing on a Blackjack table.


Bet all your fortune in one go! This is not for the chicken-hearted, but we don’t encourage getting brave enough to do this either. This strategy goes for the largest wins but also the biggest losses. If ever you will risk this bet, it is best to wager for high probability odds.

Fixed Wager

This strategy requires you to assign an amount of bet to use per game. You strictly cannot go past this. Putting this limit will allow you to get more chances to win with less to earn. This way your losses will be set to a minimum.

Although this can really take a lot of time, this can assure a slow and steady win.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is a logical theory to gain back after a losing streak.

In this strategy, you will normally bet how much you want to. If you lose, all you have to do is bet again with double that amount. You will need to repeat this until you win again.

You will get your losses back plus the original profit. You can go back to the normal betting amount once you’ve regained your bankroll. However, the Martingale Strategy will only get you the profit of your original bet.

Honest to its purpose, this will not cause you to win big but to minimize the damage to your bankroll. You will also need to bet big amounts of money when you have lost multiple times. You will need a healthy bankroll in case of those instances.

An Anti-Martingale strategy or the Reverse Martingale was invented with the opposite approach. This will mean that you will double your bet after a win and lessen after a loss. This does not work in the betting scene as every game has outcomes independent from each other.

The Reverse martingale will work in instances like investing in stocks. The worth of stocks are dependent on the status of the economy thus, you can invest more when you are earning and you can sell stocks when you are losing.

Fibonacci Sequence

This strategy uses the same philosophy behind the Martingale system. Here you will also increase your bet after a loss. However, this does not mean that you have to double your stake.

This follows the Fibonacci Sequence which is 1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on. That means that after two losses you triple your stakes, and then follow the next numbers. Instead of restarting once you’ve won, you will need to go down two (2) levels in the count.

You will only restart when you are betting big amounts which may be too big but only if you are profiting. The Fibonacci Strategy assures that you have higher stakes when you are in a losing streak so that when you win, you can have bigger earnings.

Glossary of Terms

Bust: When the cards’ value goes over 21, it goes bust. This automatically means you lose the game.

Double Down: When a player has a favourable hand, he can double his bet. He will receive another card and will stand. Doubling the bet will mean doubling his winnings when the bet wins.

Face Cards: Face Cards are the picture cards of the King, Queen and Jack. They are worth ten in the Blackjack game.

Hard hand: This is formed by two cards where neither is an ace. This has a higher risk when hitting since you can easily go bust.

Hit: This is simply trying to get a higher value of cards by getting a third or an additional card.

Hole Carding: This is when a player catches a glimpse of the cards before they are dealt. There is a legal form of this where the player can see from where he is standing or seated without the use of any mechanism.

House Edge: The house edge is the constant advantage of the casino over the player. This percentage refers to the percentage of money taken by the game. Blackjack’s house advantage is only at about 1%.

Late Surrender: A form of Surrender that is allowed to be done when the dealer has no Blackjack.

Natural Blackjack: This is what you call an initial hand that wins the game. It is a card made of one 10-value card and an ace. This can also be called a natural or a blackjack.

Push: This is used to imply that the game ended in a tie. This may mean that both sides have gotten a Blackjack. This can also be called the standoff.

Shoe: the device used to store cards in a Blackjack match

Soft Hand: This is a hand that is formed with an ace. Soft hands can take the risk of a hit since aces can be worth 1 or 11.

Split: When the first cards of the players are of the same ranking, the split will allow the player to place a second wager. He will get another set of cards for better chances of winning.

Stand: This means that the player will take no further action. This is done when a player has no Blackjack and would not risk going bust after a hit.

Surrender: This action is done when getting a bad hand. The player will lose but take back half of their bet. This must be the first and last action a player will take.

Up-card: this is the card of the dealer that is always shown to the player.

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