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Beginners’ guide: How to play online teen patti Teen patti is a card game that originated from India. It is commonly known as Flash or Flush, and is played in a group of 3 to 6. It uses a 52-card deck without jokers. The game begins by placing a bet. Brief History of Teen patti Online casinos such as Bitcasino include a wide variety of games in their selection. Since online casino gaming dissolves boundaries across different cultures in the world, every player gets to experience games originating from different regions in the world. Teen patti is an integral part of the Indian cultural heritage.Read More →

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For beginners: Elements of online slots Slots games are casinos’ household classics. All land-based and online casinos have slot games. They are the fundamental game type that everyone loves playing. Beginners of casinos are also introduced in the scene through slots. Slot games are simple, easy, and exciting. The adaptation of slots in the online set-up through online casinos have made various innovations and production of extra features available. Slot titles by top gaming providers are full of exciting features. It is no surprise that top online casinos like Bitcasino make sure that they have such titles in their game selection. Elements of online slotsRead More →

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Gambling 101: 4 ways to manage your casino bankroll effectively There is no argument that gambling is risky and dependent on chances. However, these aren’t the determining factors that would lead to success or losses. Apart from learning casino games’ mechanics and betting strategies, another important matter to consider is effectively managing your bankroll. In responsible gaming, this is what they call ‘bankroll management’, and you can learn more about it here at Bitcasino.  Bankroll in gambling: What it is and why it is important A bankroll is the amount of money you use to play casino games or bet on sports markets. Take noteRead More →


Blackjack 101: Your ultimate guide to win Looking for a new game to play? You should play live dealer games such as blackjack. One of the advantages of playing live dealer games is that you can place your bets 24/7. There are also different variants you can choose from. When playing live dealer games, you should never miss out on blackjack. It is one of the casino classics that will challenge your card skills. What makes this game more exciting to play is that the players do not compete against each other. Instead, the players compete against the dealer.  Blackjack is recognized as one ofRead More →

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A closer look at Bitcasino’s loyalty programme A lot of people love playing in online casinos since they offer the same winning opportunities as land casinos. It also has more available games compared to the traditional setting. One of the factors that players love most about online casinos is how they give their players bonuses.  With those, players are given the chance to earn more even when they spend less on their chosen games. Whereas bonuses are often restricted to land casino VIPs, all online players can receive such. However, this doesn’t imply that there can’t be VIPs on the online platform. Here at Bitcasino,Read More →


A quick introduction to Litecoin Technology gives people a lot of innovations that can impact their lives. Among these are cryptocurrencies which are really practical to use. With it, people are introduced to the massive potential of crypto and why it is such a worthy investment.  The first and most popular type of crypto is Bitcoin. Known as the most valuable crypto in the market, a lot of people looked for crypto alternatives they can use. This led to the rise of alternative coins or altcoins that grew in popularity for sharing the same potential with BTC. These altcoins may share a lot of similaritiesRead More →

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Winning the big table: 6 Baccarat tips and strategies Given its elitist factor, baccarat has long been linked as the first choice of casino table game among high-rollers. That said, with in-depth knowledge of the rules, playing tips, and betting strategies, you can sway the winning odds to your favour, albeit being heavily influenced by chances and fate. So, are you ready to turn your small-time wagers into bigger and more exciting payouts? Keep on reading below because we give you six effective tips. Know first your preferred baccarat variant Baccarat has three popular variants, namely, Punto Banco (big baccarat), Chemin de Fer, and mini-baccarat.Read More →

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Online Casino 101: What are crash games?   Looking for a new game to play? You should probably give crash games a try. Most crash games are set in outer space wherein your chances of winning mega wins increases as the rocket or aeroplane flies. However, you need to keep an eye out because it might suddenly crash.  These are not your ordinary casino games because of their layout and gameplay. They also have a straightforward design where you can easily see the betting options and buttons. Playing crash games is as easy as your ABCs. All you need to do is to stay sharp afterRead More →

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The thrill of playing poker in online casinos Playing card games in land-based casinos is exciting as it allows players to interact with other players while being faced with live dealers. With the thrill of being seated at a table with other players who have the same winning goal, every game becomes fun and challenging.  The most popular card game that most people love to play is poker. In this game, players would have to hope that they will receive the best cards to win the game. If not, then they may simply want to make use of the best strategies that can make themRead More →

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Dealing with baccarat: Tips and tricks on how to win the game  There are a lot of card games that can be enjoyed today. By having 52 cards on deck, a lot of possibilities are opened as people kept on shuffling and dealing cards while following different rules. Among the most popular card games is baccarat. In this game, the main objective is for players to have their cards’ total value be equal or close to nine. If in case the players receive a total lower than 5, then they will receive another card from the dealer.  With the simplicity of the game, it isRead More →