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Martingale: What is it and how to use it in online casinos?

Winning any casino table game that appears to be all about pure luck is no longer a matter of conquering the house edge. Roulette, for example, is a fast-paced gambling game. While its goal is straightforward, the possibility of dominating every spin is quite puzzling. 

Given that there are no definitive means to forecast the outcome or following rounds in many luck-based gambling games, there is one more option to obtain the luck in your favour. That is knowing and mastering effective betting strategies. 

Here, Bitcasino walks you through the most well-known roulette betting strategy system – the Martingale. Study it thoroughly before beginning to make real money from the many sorts of online casino games available at your preferred online casino.

Martingale betting system

By far, the most successful winning technique for practically all online casino table games is the Martingale betting system. Like roulette, its basic concept is straightforward but quite risky as professional gamblers regard it as a progressive approach best suited to big rollers.

The house edge in roulette is a massive 5.26%. With the Martingale betting system, it recommends increasing your wager after each loss. So, when you ultimately win, you will not only receive your money back, but you will also make a small profit. However, if you win in the first round, you will just bet one unit.

It is a high-risk strategy

However, if you ask some of the world’s most successful roulette winners, they will tell you that they don’t like nor prefer using the Martingale betting system at all times. Instead, it is a high-risk strategy that only increases your odds of winning in the short term. In essence, you are betting big but only to win small. 

While you may think that you are in for a great ride because you win more spins than normal, always take a second look at your betting transactions. Stop using the Martingale if the sums won will be little, and the amounts you lose might be much more.

The most effective way to use it

Martingale is arguably the most popular and successful betting technique, and for a good reason. Despite its inherent risk, you can make the most out of it when used correctly. In roulette, we recommend you apply it in the two following ways: 

  1. Use Martingale on even-money outside bets, which are as follows:
  • 1 to 18
  • 19 to 36
  • Red and Balck
  • Even and Odd

The above-mentioned roulette betting types offer the best odds of winning, reaching almost 50%, but the lowest payout of 1:1. Meaning, you will win the same amount of money as you bet on the spin. Overall, you can rely on them because they are the safest roulette wagers. This is particularly true for both beginners and experienced players on a tight budget. 

For even-money bets, the bet progression that you will use goes like this:

1 — 2 — 4 — 8 — 16 — 32 — 64 —128 — 256 — 512 — 1024 — 2048 — 4096 — 8192

  1. Placing bets and doubling up

Whether you play either at a well-established or newly launched online casino, always consider starting the game with a small stake. If you can’t decide the amount, you can use the casino’s table minimum as a basis. From there, maintain betting the same value until you lose. When this happens, double your wager for the following spin. 

In the case where you finally win, not only will you restore the money you lost in the previous round but also get something more. However, if you continue to lose, keep increasing your wager, and the rationale remains the same. When you win, you should restart and bet the minimum amount possible on the following spin.

The possibility of Martingale beating the house edge

We can all agree that Martingale’s principle is brilliant, but we must also be pragmatic on the fact that the house will always win in the end. In roulette, the major challenge both novice and experienced players endure is the green zero pocket because it represents the house edge in its purest state. 

As a result, regardless of how you wager, the odds will always be stacked against you. That is why we suggest that the safest roulette betting types are outside bets because they nearly have a 50% probability of winning.

Safe gambling: Major drawbacks of using the Martingale

As previously stated, the Martingale technique is exceedingly risky and is rarely employed by expert players. The primary drawback is that if you use it at all times, you might rapidly run out of money, especially if terrible luck hits in the first few spins. 

Furthermore, many land-based and online roulette tables have betting limitations. It is most likely that you may reach them during a losing streak, thus preventing you from doubling up and recouping your losses. This is when the Martingale system breaks spectacularly and may give you a slew of issues. As such, we give you four following tips to keep in mind when using it in casinos. 

  1. It’s not for beginners
  2. Learn the mechanics of the casino game you are playing
  3. Understand other basic strategies first
  4. Always prioritise to protect your bankroll
  1. d’Alembert System

The d’Alembert approach operates similarly to the conventional Martingale technique. It is, however, more of a primary tool for novices because it is safer and has fewer hazards. Instead of increasing your stake, add one unit to it and subtract one unit after each win. This cycle will continue until you have won your desired amount.

  1. Paroli System

Paroli, often known as the Reverse Martingale, requires you to double your bet after three consecutive wins. After the third victory, you will be returned to the beginning of the series. It’s a guaranteed steep growth strategy that’s popular among players looking for hot streaks.

  1. Labouchère System

For beginners of table games in Bitcasino, the Labouchère System is a secure bet. It’s a variation of the Martingale, often known as split martingale, in which you first decide how much you want to win. Then, split it into a succession of smaller integers to serve as a pattern for your bets.

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