The Real Deal: The Thrill of the Live Casino

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Casinos used to mean little houses as gambling practices happened in a small part of the house. It wasn’t very long that the gambling activities became prominent and the little house turned into the luxurious buildings that casinos are now known for.

Back then, the flashiness and glamour of real-life physical casinos had a tempting presence that seemed to be reserved only for the elite. The doors of the casino business opened widely for all walks of life with the advancement of technology. In the present, there is still a very huge place for innovation in the gambling industry.

At the top of innovative and futuristic minds is Bitcasino. As the first licensed Online Bitcoin Casino, we have long embraced and adapted to constant change and innovation.

With only commitment to our players and the gambling culture, we have joined not only the traditional but also futuristic slots and table games to our casino. We offer a real-life experience of live casinos in our Live Dealer Casinos.

Take a good look at our selection of live games at It’s always a good place to start betting.

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The Live Casino

The gambling industry has long gone over the limits of the physical casinos, online casinos like us offer you the experience at your fingertips wherever you may be. But, there is still a different thrill to feel the human touch in a gamble.

Bitcasino continues to be a frontrunner in the crypto gaming industry as we give you the grandeur of casinos in the convenience of your homes and in other places! Our mobile Bitcasino boasts a selection of over 2,000 games including live games for our beloved gamers. Partnered with renowned game providers in live casino deals, enjoy a real game room on your own mobile screen.

Here are some features of Bitcasino that will help your Live Gaming.

Mobile Casino

Open our Bitcoin casino on any of your devices as we are supported in every browser may it be IOS, Android, Blackberry OS or Windows. And with our fast loading speed, you certainly do not have to wait to play any game in our selection of over 2000 slots, table or live games. Enjoy our features even when you are in the comforts of your pyjamas, stuck in traffic, or even in a boring business meeting.

We have developed our user interface for your easy navigation. At Bitcasino, your browsing is categorized into game types, game providers and themes. Less time spent on scrolling, more time on bitcoin gaming!

Quality Games

Aside from traditional casino games that we can easily boast of, the highlight of today is our live dealer games and activities. There is something exciting about live casinos. You can be in the comfort of your own home yet at the same time sharing a game room with other players across the world.

Our live studios feature hosts that you can talk to and games that will make you tap your feet as you decide on your bets. Instead of a game and randomly generated numbers, you can watch as our hosts unfold the cards right in front of you.

Along with EZUGI, Lotus Gaming and Super Spade Games, our trusted partner Evolution Gaming offers you world-class games. Known in the business as the leading supplier of B2B Live Casino games, they offer a wide selection of live table games that can be supported in either online and multi-channel delivery. This provider has made 13 studios including two (2) main centres in Canada and one in Malta and Latvia to fulfil the demands for live casino games.

Crypto-Friendly Service

As the best Bitcoin Casino, we pride ourselves with excellence in both cryptocurrency and gaming. Our Fun Fast Fair service is deeply tied to our business with digital money. Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto transactions give our valued patrons safer, cheaper and faster money transfers.

Our easy navigation carries on to the nitty-gritty money transfers. We have made a Quick Deposit Feature for the benefit of our players. You can easily choose the currency and payment method to use in your gaming.

Bitcasino accepts the following currencies from our players all over the world.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tron or Tronix (TRX)

Your transactions can be easily viewed in your account. You can switch the gaming metric of your coins between mɃ (1,000mɃ = 1BTC) or μɃ (1,000,000μɃ = 1 BTC). You can also withdraw your earnings from our site at lightning speed.

We may not bring you the flashy elite palaces that physical casinos have but we can give you the thrill and the jackpot prizes wherever you may be. Whether it’s a slot game, a table game or a live game, you can bet on the Bitcasino experience.

Bombay Club

Our Bombay Club studio that we launched earlier this year is an Indian-themed live studio powered by Evolution. For our new guests, regulars and high-rollers, we are tasked to give you nothing but the best. Our VIP studio also comes with your language specialization among with other VIP-exclusive awards.

This Bombay Club Studio exclusive to our brand is located in Riga, Latvia. As stated by Evolution, it boasts the following features.

  • Built by Evolution Gaming, The World’s Leading Live Casino Infrastructure
  • Cost-effective Live Tables that can be shared or exclusive for licensed branding
  • Standard betting limits
  • Dedicated teams for their branding and service personalization
  • Activities are monitored 24/7 in the Mission Control Room (MCR) for quick resolution of problems, conflicts and other issues
  • Regularly regulated for compliance

We provide a selection of live table games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette and their variations that will keep you busy. Try a dealer game right now to experience the thrills that a live casino game offers.

Live Casino Lobby

Our Bitcasino is proud to give you its Fun, Fast and Fair experience in every bet or transaction that you will be doing in our site.

The Live Game Lobby holds all the tables and games for easy navigation. It also contains all the live games and the Bombay Club Exclusive Live Games that are available for play so you could easily switch deal after deal.

Other information that can be seen in the lobby include:

  • The Game Category and Available Tables for each Game
  • Game Information and Basics
  • Players Allowed to Play in a Table
  • Punters already in Play
  • Betting Minimum and Maximum Limits
  • Table Information and Time Slot (if there is)

Blackjack Tables

In the classic Blackjack game, the dealer and player are given two cards to play. The goal is for one’s card to simply reach 21 (called a natural or blackjack) or closer to it without going over. Whoever lands closer to 21 wins the wager.

The counting system of this game is as follows.

  • Jack. Ace. Queen. – Worth 10 points
  • Numbered Cards. – Worth their face value (2 until 9)
  • Ace. – Can be counted as either a 1 or an 11.

In this game, one card of the dealer will be shown to help you decide what action you will take to win. Will you keep your hand as is or will you trust on another card?

  • Stand: Keep your cards.
  • Hit: Take one card.
  • Double Down: Double your bet for the game and receive one more card. This will be possible when your two cards total to 8 until 11.
  • Split: If your first hand is a pair, you can split the hand into two to have more chances of winning against the dealer. After doubling the first bet, you will receive two cards to count with each of the pair.

On this live game, hosts will automatically need to draw a card if their total is 16 and will be forced to stand after 17.

In the Blackjack Lobby, there are many options and studios that are available to players. This includes a number of classic blackjack tables, an infinite Blackjack table and the exclusive Bombay Club Tables.

Infinite Blackjack allows an unlimited number of players in one table. The same rules of Classic Blackjack apply to this table. The only difference is the usage of the “Six-card Charlie” variation.

Baccarat Tables

Baccarat has similar gameplay with Blackjack. However, instead of handling your own hand, you will need to bet on the Player vs the Banker game as they race for a total card value of exactly or closer to nine (9). You can also go past the natural due to the game’s counting.

The value of cards is only until nine. When the combined value of cards reaches a second (2nd) digit, the number is counted by its last digit. (Example: 18 = 8, 11= 1)

The counting system of this game is as follows.

  • Jack. Ace. Queen. – Worth 0 points
  • Numbered Cards. – Worth their face value (2 until 9)
  • Ace. – Counted as a 1.

The game will give both side two cards. These are the rules in which the casino figures will get their cards.

  • If the player or banker has a total of 8 or 9, they must stand, and the round is over.
  • If the player hand has a score of 5 or less, they get to draw a card.
  • In contrast, if the player’s hand is strong enough to stand with two cards (i.e. 7), the bank must hit on a score of 5 or less.

On the third card, these conditions will extend to the gameplay.

  • If the player draws a 2 or 3, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 4. However, the bank must stand if they have a score between 5 and 7.
  • If the player draws a 4 or 5, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 5. However, the bank must stand if they have a score of 5 or 7.
  • If the player draws a 6 or 7, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 6. However, the bank must stand if they have a score of 7.
  • If the player draws an 8, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 2. However, the bank must stand if they have a score between 3 and 7.
  • If the player draws an Ace, 9, 10 or face card, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 3. However, the bank must stand if they have a score between 4 and 7.

As important as the mechanics are the available bets. Gamers can also vote for the result with the lowest probability, having a tied match between the player and banker.

Baccarat betting also has different payouts for the wagers. The bets on the player amount to an equal payout (1:1), the banker will result to a lesser payout with 5% edge to the house (1:0.95) and winning with a tied match will warrant a big prize (1:8).

Roulette Tables

The mechanics of Roulette is very simple.

Spin the wheel and roll the ball. Bet where it will stop at. This exciting game of chance, however, can be punted on different ways considering the odds of where the ball will stop.

Players can bet on very specific numbers and various groupings such as the colour it will land on, or whether it will land on a high or low number. Players can also bet on a number of options— even a third of the wheel! The only pocket that one cannot bet in is that of the house, numbered 0 or 00.

The bets are called inside and outside bets. This is dependent on where the chips are placed on the board. Inside bets are number and colour-specific bets while outside bets comprise of the group bets.

Inside betting options

These bets have low probability but the payouts are bigger.

Straight-up bet

This is when a player wagers on a specific number. The odds are most of the time 35 to 1, depending on the wheel.

Split bet

The players place their chips between two numbers. This has a slightly higher probability than that of a straight bet with 17:1 odds.

Line bets/Street bets

The chips are placed in the vertical line separating the inside and outside bets. This means that a trio of numbers bet on has 11:1 odds.

Corner bet/Quad bet.

Chips are placed in the corner of four numbers to bet on. This has the odds of 8:1.

Double street bet.

Similar to the placement of line and street bets, the chips are also placed in the corner of two rows. Betting on six specific numbers, it has the odds of 5:1.

Outside betting options

Popular outside betting options might include the following.

Red or black, odd or even

This both has equal odds of winning in the table.

Dozens bet

As the name implies, this means betting on 12 consecutive numbers on the wheel. They are numbered 1-12,13-24, and 25-36. This has 2:1 odds.

Column bet

This has the same probability of the dozen bets. The chips are placed in the vertical lanes that have a dozen numbers which are not consecutive. bietet eine Reihe von Roulette-Varianten an. Abgesehen von den Bombay Club Exklusives, sind auch Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette und weitere Varianten verfügbar.

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VIP Loyalty Program

At, it’s important that we regularly meet your expectations. With live gaming rising, we are only devoted to improve ourselves and be able to serve you with top-notch live games as well.

In the partnership of Coingaming Group and Evolution Gaming, we have launched a High-Roller studio dedicated to our VIPs in Riga, Latvia. In this Asian-themed Salon, we accept wagers of upwards 50,000 euros per hand for a gaming experience like no other.

The Bombay Club High Roller Studio released this year came with six top games that it has been long known for.

  • Blackjack Classic
  • Speed Roulette
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Squeeze Baccarat
  • Salon Prive Blackjack
  • Salon Prive Baccarat

Salon Prive are tables that are exclusively for one player. There is no need to rush betting here as the table and our host are only for your wagering. If you crave for high-limit games with other VIPs, you can also play our other tables.

The Bombay Club is merely a bonus award for our VIP customers. That is why a key factor that we have installed is our covered languages. We have extended our languages so that the Club’s hosts can talk to each gamer in their native languages.

Join the Club

We really don’t like you going into the nitty-gritty stuff. That’s why there is no application needed for VIP membership. This is included in the perks of our top players.

When you reach the VIP level in our Loyalty program at 3,750,000 points, you’ll automatically be invited into our prestigious club in your email. The Loyalty Program is as follows:

  1. Beginner (achieved upon sign up)
    a.) Free spins
    b.) Reward Points
    c.) Other bonuses
  2. Fan (Achieved after five (5) points)
  3. Expert (Achieved at 3750 points)
  4. Master (Achieved at 30,000 points)
  5. Guru (Achieved at 250,000)
  6. Legend (Achieved at 750,000)
  7. Hero (Achieved at 3,750,000)

This journey of levelling up will highly depend on your gaming experience and bets. Each of your bet (calculated in 1 EUR) shall be worth 5 loyalty points. As you move up the ladder in this fashion, you will also get rewards that are optimized to your gameplay.

You can see upcoming rewards and levels in your account. The milestones and rewards also restart each month so be sure to use them up!
Vorteile der VIP-Mitgliedschaft

Perks of the VIP Membership

Once you are in our club, you are family! The perks of VIP membership is now only yours to lavish.

Get invited to Special Events

This time, we take you with us! Live the lush life together with our other loyal VIPs.

Our invitations may include going to the trip of your life aboard our luxurious yachts and 5-star hotels reserved just for you. All over Asia and across the globe, our VIPs will surely enjoy betting taken to another level when they are under the sun in Bali or maybe drinking a cup of tea in London.

VIP Managers

To be sure that you are given utmost care and that all your concerns are answered, all VIPs get their own personal manager.

Our managers will happily take huge leaps to make sure you are happy. No matter what time it is, they are available to converse with you or answer all your questions.

When there is any concern, just say the word. We’ll take care of it.

VIP-Only Offers and Promos

Have your own pot of rewards for your gaming desire when you become a VIP.

Our VIPs will receive free spins and free cash, cashback promos, and prizes worth almost a million euros! You can also join live raffles, and still enjoy rebate promotions and even other bonuses with no wagering requirement!

Maximize your stay at the Bombay Club Studio with these perks.

History Course

Of course, it simply wasn’t a hop and a skip that brought live casinos into life. They were only made possible by our technological development and constant innovation.

The first gambling activities were done on the ports or on the terraces of huge villas in 18th century. More than the sensation that they are now, gambling was done to pass time. After the fishermen’s good haul or at a mini table in an elite party, people would get together to roll the dice or play cards and other various games of chance.

The games developed with time too. With old games of the past lost to history, some classics have stayed with us. Some ancient games also remained but how they were played before is already forgotten.

For example, tiles that resemble the current die can be traced back to ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia. Cards made from stone and wood were also found in Ancient China and in different time periods.

Betting on animal fights and raising animals for battle were also present in artefacts of the Greco-Roman culture. This happened before betting on gladiators of the coliseum were a thing. Some games like Baccarat and Blackjack seem to come from a long history of card games before being what they are today.

Soon enough, the activity caught mankind’s culture like wildfire. It was banned many times because of lots of reasons like morality, legality and ethics. However, the practices continued and the laws and regulations set by authorities were proven ineffective against the charm of gambling.

It is said that the first chips were invented by a Roman. They would carry chips when they gambled. When they were caught by authorities, the would apparently be wagering on chips instead of actual money.

This also happened in the history of slots. Slot machines had an era of being gum and cigar dispensers because of gambling bans. Now the slot industry is thriving more than ever. Casinos that resembled palaces came into life with the elite flocking to it with hefty sums of money. The average people were not allowed due to big stakes and sometimes, strict dress codes.

Online casinos debuted in the late 90’s. Their success led to the establishment of more casinos and even Bitcasino in the present. Now, the physical casinos can be brought to life in a live casino.

Casinos develop every day to be able to fit the demands of the growing audience. Before becoming a high-class form of entertainment, where did the Live Casino come from?

Live Casinos started with live streaming. The first games that could be played in this fashion were Live Roulette and Blackjack. Regardless of the amount of games, players were thrilled at the idea of not needing to be actually present in a live deal.

Before, the set up in live deals was a single table and a host. They would be available for a few hours. That was that.

Today, various games are available in live casinos. Auto Live Deals apart from actual live deals are also available in casinos. And some casinos like Bitcasino has specific tables for different variations of each game, and even specialized tables.

As one of our trusty partner providers, Evolution has been known in the field for Live games. They spearheaded the launch of a number of games including classics such as Blackjack, Poker and are still incorporating more games today.

Let’s Get Techy

The magic behind Live Casino Technology happens through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This ensures that the live casino occurs unlike just plain live streaming. The change happens in the way the data is processed and presented.

As the cards are handled or the dice or ball is rolled, the data is efficiently processed by the software. The software itself decide the winners and losers through this data. This is then sent to gamers through a Livestream.

Aside from the OCR, there are other core elements that build your complete live dealing experience.

Web Camera

When cameras were initially used in live deals, they were plainly used for the Livestream. The visuals were limited and this brought upon a lot of problems. Live Footage also helps with the resolution of conflicts and issues made in deals.

Today, a number of smaller cameras are used. This shows the deals in more angles and creates the credibility of casinos being fair. The information from the cameras are sent to gamers in real-time.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

There is a game control unit attached to every live table. Their role is to assist the dealer in running the game. Backed by the OCR, the control unit encodes data from the current gameplay and sends them to gamers across the world.

The game tables have sensors that converts each move and the results into data to be delivered to players. These sensors immediately send picked up data to your screens. No live game can happen without the GCU.


A monitor is important to both dealers and players. The hosts’ dealings occur through the use of monitors connected to the players in real-time.

Hosts track bets of players through their own screens and thus, works in accordance to the bettors’ moves. Live chatting is also done with this element.


Our dealers are professional hosts and game experts. They properly conduct games while firmly following set rules. They are also responsible for giving players the human touch one can get in a physical casino.

Their actions are also supervised and tracked to ensure fairness of the game. You can also opt to switch between automated games.

We have so much in store for you at It does not matter if you are a new guest, a frequent player, or one of our VIPs, our Live Casino will give you nothing short of what you deserve. The only thing left to do is to place your bets!

Have fun! en