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Keep the bitcoins coming with promotions and bonuses that Bitcasino has for you!

As the first licensed Bitcoin Casino, we have taken pride in the fact that we are the best in the crypto gaming industry. But, awards or recognitions and partnership with well-known brands does not make us the best. It isn’t even the massive collection of video or live games that Bitcasino can offer!

Our gamers who keep on coming back to play our games make us the best. After all, our casino is made for your gaming pleasure. Thus, we always remain committed to our promise of giving the ‘Fun. Fast. Fair.’ gaming experience to our players!

Aside from our wide variety of games ranging from slots to poker, we also have made our casino features the highest quality to make your stay at our casino the most comfortable. We promise that we’ll keep you coming back for more!

Read on to see what more Bitcasino has to offer you in terms of bonuses or bonus features.

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The adventure of a lifetime begins when you get more of the best offers and incentives, right here at Bitcasino.

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Bonuses and Promotions

We at the Bitcasino do not just possess a large collection of games of over 2000 slots, card, videos and live games. We also have lots of bonuses and prizes that we put on top of our hefty jackpot prizes!

Something as simple as the registration and deposits can give you bonus gifts from us. Be sure to come back for more!

Loyalty Awards

We are committed to giving you the best gaming experience that cryptocurrency and casino technology allows us. That’s why we are happy that you are loyal to us as well.

Our Loyalty Program has seven (7) levels for you to clear by earning points through wagers on any of our games. Start as a beginner when you sign up for an account and reach the other levels for more rewards.

In all the seven levels, players are given Milestone rewards consisting of Free Spins, Free Cash, Reward Points among other bonuses. Aside from the Milestone Awards, Rebate Points are awarded to Level 5 Guru until the VIP.

The casino will also personalize your Milestone Rewards based on the games that you are playing in our casino. You can see upcoming awards and needed points in your account. This way we can be sure that you can use our bonuses to the fullest.

Loyalty Landing Locker

VIP Loyalty Program

Our VIP Loyalty program is just a special group for our loyal punters and high-rollers. Aside from the loyalty awards that we had stated earlier, there are actually more cherries on top of these awards.

The Bombay Club

The Bombay Club High Roller Studio released this year came with six top games that it has been long known for.

  • Blackjack Classic
  • Speed Roulette
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Squeeze Baccarat
  • Salon Prive Blackjack
  • Salon Prive Baccarat

Salon Prive are tables that are exclusively for one player. There is no need to rush betting here as the table and our host are only for your wagering. If you crave for high-limit games with other VIPs, you can also play on our other tables.

The Bombay Club is merely a bonus award for our VIP customers. That is why a key factor that we have installed is our supported languages. We have extended our languages so that the Club’s hosts can talk to each gamer in their native languages.

Join the fun your way with a host that can fully understand your betting and speaking language!

Get invited to Special Events

Now, we know you crave the mobile aspect of our website. After all, you can enjoy the thrills of our casino in the safety and comfort of wherever you may be. But, it is a different thing when an online casino takes you to other physical places!

The Bitcasino can also take you on an adventure as we invite you to events that happen in the physical world! Chill with our other VIPs on trips and vacations that you can have through our VIP events.


To feel that you really are that Very Important Person, our most valued players get their very own personal gaming managers. Trust that our managers will be free for you to talk with 24/7. Whenever you need help in our Bitcasino, let our managers fix it up for you.

VIP-Only Offers and Promos

Of course, your gaming is still our top priority. Bet bigger and win better with the bonuses and jackpots that we have for you!

Our VIPs will receive multiple free spins and free cash, cashback promos, and prizes worth almost a million euros! You can also join live raffles, and still enjoy rebate promotions and even other bonuses with no wagering requirement!

Be a part of the Bombay Club

With all these perks, you might think it’s very hard to join our club. Don’t fret! The VIP standing and all of the said rewards are only bonuses for our most loyal players.

May it be a slot game, a table video or live game, choose to bet on Bitcasino when you want to satisfy your gaming needs. You are sure to win more awards and ultimately, be a VIP in our Loyalty Program!

Upon registration, you start on your journey as a beginner. With an investment of one euro on your first bet, you quickly climb up to Level 2 Fan. This is because every euro you bet will be counted as 5 loyalty points.

Aside from milestone rewards that are piled up on our Loyalty ladder, Level 5 Guru and following levels are also in for a treat with our Rebate Cash Bonus. A part of the house edge of each game you play is then converted to points.

And the best news? It’s convertible to fiat cash!

As follows is the Bitcasino Loyalty Program:

  • Beginner
  • Fan (Achieved after five (5) points)
  • Expert (Achieved at 3750 points)
  • Master (Achieved at 30,000 points)
  • Guru (Achieved at 250,000)
  • Legend (Achieved at 750,000)
  • VIP (Achieved at 3,750,000)

By knowing the games you bet on, we can know what bonuses you need. We can customize your received awards from the generous collection of bonuses we have prepared for all our players!

You can also keep track of your awards and status as they will all be reflected in your account. Along with your balance and earnings, you can immediately see the milestone rewards that you are in for!

Be sure to check this regularly. We restart your awards every month so be sure to use them up!

It doesn’t matter if you win or you lose. We’ll be right here sending you bonus free spins and other bonuses to perk up your gaming!

Loyalty Landing Money

Bitcoin Gaming

One of the factors that keep Bitcasino above the rest is our use of Bitcoins and other cryptos.

Using the blockchain technology that runs cryptos, our transactions are made faster and more secure than your average fiat online casinos.

The use of BTCs allows our casino to stay true to our ‘Fun. Fast. Fair.’ duty.

No Extra Fees for Withdrawal and Deposits

Transfers from BTC wallets flow directly from one e-wallet to another. We don’t use third parties which minimize the fees from the transaction.

Speedy Transactions

The BTC’s nature also allows the processes to occur in an instant.

No Data Theft

Not much profile information is needed in BTC deals. This gives our players privacy and better data security.

Games made for Bitcoins

A few providers had answered to the demand of BTC casinos by making such games. Some platforms had already allowed BTCs as a legal payment in their games.

Get to know the other coins that you can use in our casino. These are all leading cryptos that you can use in a bunch of other online deals across the internet.

Bitcoin 2

Bitcoins (BTC)

As the leading digital tender, one (1) bitcoin costs about 8,500 EUR today. It reached its all-time high 19,783.06 USD on December 17, 2017. That amount costs about 18,000 EUR today.

BTCs are accepted widely in businesses across the United States and the United Kingdom.


Ethereum (ETC)

Ethereum actually doesn’t refer to the crypto but the actual platform of transactions itself. The Ether (ETH) is the currency used by this platform. Unlike Bitcoins that have a set ceiling point, the ether coins are limitless.

ETH also has a ‘smart contract’ feature. This makes a contract of conditions that businesses have to satisfy before proceeding with transactions.


Litecoin (LTC)

As a very similar alternative for BTCs, LTCs’ main difference from BTCs is that it can be mined faster. A BTC block takes 10 minutes to be mined. LTC can be taken in only 2.5 seconds.

Since Litecoins are not very big bucks like Bitcoins, investors most often convert their accumulated LTCs into BTCs. This helps in the rise of both currencies.



Tron like the Ethereum is a platform instead of a currency. It uses the Tronix (TRX) tender.

This is a very young e-money platform made just recently in 2017. The platform’s last stage that will allow investors to sponsor creators will be released in 2020.

It primarily caters to the entertainment market and is a very efficient platform. It can do 2,000 transactions every second. BTCs function at three (3) to six (6) transactions per second. ETCs work at 25 transactions per second.

Enjoy your Bitcoin gaming at Bitcasino. You are sure that your gaming experience and money transactions are done efficiently in accordance with our ‘Fun. Fast. Fair.’ duty to you!

Form Head

Live Game Tournaments

The Live Games at Bitcasino bring you the grandeur of the physical casinos in the comforts of wherever you may be. It may not fully mimic the flashy lights and noise of the physical casino, our live studios make it up by providing a number of tables that offer a variety of each game. Our hosts can also give you the experience that you might be craving.

Aside from this usual Bitcasino feature, our Live Game Tournaments can take your gaming to the next level! Each tournament lasts a certain period of time and you can win through various ways like having the most wins, points or going through more spins!

Boost your fighting spirit as you get ready to face other brave Bitcasino players. The competitions are sure to get heated and fun as we tickle your gaming gears with our tournament campaigns and the big jackpots that await you!

May our best gamers win!

When do the games take place and how do I learn of it?

We seriously plan the events we have for you. That’s why we really take our time to come up with new gimmicks to feature our games and providers in our tournaments. But that does not mean that our tournaments do not happen regularly!

Tournaments happen frequent times in a year. Real-time events affect our featured contests so you can expect a Halloween-themed looting event in October and maybe a sun-kissed war during the Summer season. We can also make tournaments for you whenever we like. Whenever it is, we make sure that it will be challenging and rewarding for you!

In times of when we have a new tournament, we send an invite to all our competitive players and put up posts on our Promotions page. This includes the prize money and other information on the tournament. You can also join existing tournaments immediately.

Before you grab up arms to prepare for a Baccarat battle or a wizard-themed slot-fest, be sure to view how tournaments collect its participant pool. Some tournaments charge a minimum bet or the ‘entrance fee’. Other tournaments have schedules. While others are just open all throughout the duration of the tournament.

What are the kinds of Tournaments available at Bitcasino?

Sit-and-Go Tournaments are what you call tournaments that don’t set a particular time for their competitions. The competition will start when enough players join the fun! There is no need to worry that you’ll be left behind by these kind of tournaments. Upon reaching the minimum number of bettors and starting, the competition will still accept new players.

A Scheduled Tournament is a little trickier. These events are put up ahead of time along with very specific details such as starting time and registration. This may mean that unregistered players cannot compete in the tournament. In some instances, you also cannot join or register when you miss the start of the competition.

The thrill and fun of scheduled games last periods of time. It can be weeks or months long. There is a silver lining when you join the fun a bit late as some competitions divide tournaments into a couple of competitions. Thus, you can join other competitions if you missed the first one.

How does the Casino payout during tournaments?

Tournaments have a set prize pool. These are hefty prizes that can be thousands or millions depending on the event. These prizes are divided into the top-ranked players of the competition.

Our leaderboards update in real-time and show all of our players’ accumulated points and standing in the contest. Continue to build yourself up to the top as you track your progress in our site. You can also defend your spot if you just keep winning!

The higher you are in the leaderboard of the tournament, the bigger the percentage you get from the pot. You’ll know you got lucky when you cash out that 1000 euros or more!

The prizes of Sit-and-Go tournaments are a bit smaller than the scheduled ones. You can win almost a hundred coins in these quick tournaments while you can earn thousands in Scheduled Tournaments!

But like in all of our games, the small pot means less competition. As tempting as the hefty big tournaments jackpots are the swarm of competitive players vying for it.

Take your pick on which battles you’ll join as these are very important decisions to make in the Bitcasino Live Gaming Tournaments.

What can we expect from Live Game Tournaments?

We have planned long and hard to build our tournaments. That is why we most of the time feature popular games in our competitions. This is also to feature trending games to new players.

There are different games featured in our tournaments. Try them all during your stay at the Bitcasino!

Slots Tournaments

As we have the biggest collection of slot games in Bitcoin casinos, the slot game tournaments are also our favourite past time.

Slots are played by spinning the wheel. That’s it! Land regular and high-paying combinations on the payline. Be lucky and maybe you can spin the jackpot!

Some of our Bitcasino players only engage in online slot games and not on other card or table games. Our Bitcasino tournaments can bring you to the Live Casino! After all, we have exerted a huge effort to improve our live studios! We also want you to experience us in our totality!

The tournament contestants’ common goal is to pile up earnings in the period of time that the game has allotted. Winning the jackpots can help boost your prizes. And after all these earnings, landing a spot at the leaderboard will get you another profit.

Slots tournaments can also have a series of rounds. These may feature more than one slot game from the same provider.

For example, the Vikings series from Yggdrasil were the stars of a recent Slot Game Tournament. The tournament focused on the three slot games Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go to Hell and

Vikings Go Wild. A hundred high-earners from the game won and were rewarded according to their ranks.
Slots are lots of fun at the Slots Live Game Tournaments of Bitcasino!

Blackjack Tournaments

Are you really good at Blackjack? Trust your natural hands to pick a blackjack from the pile of cards in our Bitcasino Blackjack Tournaments!

Blackjack is a card game with the aim of collecting a hand with a total value of or close to 21. The player can hit to draw another card or stand to keep his cards. You win when your hand is better than the bank. Be careful when you hit since you can go bust when you hit over 21.

Our Blackjack tournaments can be played in multiple rounds. But, players must start simultaneously. This means that no extra players can join our contest tables when we’ve started the game.

Eliminations also occur when our Blackjack players have bankrupted their chips. The survivor of the series of Blackjack games will leave the table with a very big wallet of bitcoins!

Roulette Tournaments

Another classic favourite of online casinos. Bitcasino takes you to rounds of interactive roulette in the tables of our Live Casino.

Typically, the game is very simple. With a mechanism that rolls a ball to a rotating coloured and numbered wheel, you can bet on which pocket the ball will land on. There are many ways to bet in a Roulette game.

For starters, you can bet on one specific number. You can also bet on a group of numbers. This has a very low probability of happening, but you will earn BIG when you get it right.

If you want to be sure, you can also bet on groupings with a higher odds of happening. You can bet that the ball will land on a red pocket instead of a black. You can also bet that it will be an even number and many other choices!

Roulette Tournaments take place in the same way as Blackjack. A player has to make his chips last a multitude of Roulette spins. The last punter standing will win the Roulette Tournament and can cash out the jackpot of the game.

Baccarat Tournaments

Get lucky with the number nine (9) in the Live Game Tournament of Baccarat!

The Baccarat game is really simple where the aim is to collect a card with the exact value of 9 or closer to it. You can hit or stand with your cards like in Blackjack. To add flair to the game, the hand can also go over 9 as only the last digit will be counted.

The big difference is that this time, you don’t handle the cards! You can bet on who will win the game. The player or the banker? You can also bet on the match ending in a draw that has a very low odds of occurring but a very big payout!

The Baccarat tournaments happen in the same manner as Roulette and Blackjack. There may also be additional rules where the number of consecutive wins is counted. Thus, the players with the most numbers make up the leaderboard.

The players who keep their spot for a set period of time are rewarded the pot money.

It doesn’t matter what the game is. Trust that you’ll be in for a treat in our Casino! Get the fun started when you play at Bitcasino!

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