More Than Lucky: Betting on Casino Games

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Winning a gamble is fun. The fact that you can trust your instincts, look at the odds closely, place a bet among lots of other possibilities and actually win is amazing in many ways. Even with the possibility of losing, you can’t deny that gambling gives you entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bitcasino is committed to letting you taste the same thrill over and over again. More than being the first licensed bitcoin casino, we can also boast of over 2,000 slots, table games and live games to be played on any of your mobile devices anytime, anywhere. So, you can bring the feeling with you.

Make your bitcoin gambling fun at Bitcasino.

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First Class Gaming Experience

Bitcasino is more than just a simple online casino. We are a mobile bitcoin casino committed to a “Fun Fast Fair” policy to you. After all, you are our top priority.

We and our esteemed partnered providers have teamed up to make the biggest collection of games BTC casinos now have. At a selection of over 2,000 games differing per country, you simply can’t get bored.

For your easy navigation, our games can be comfortably viewed according to your liked categories. We have proceeded with the option of sorting it based on the type of game and the provider. We also have opted for a themed user-interface.

Our themes are greatly based on gameplay and the plots of games. For example, newly released horror-themed games are in the Halloween section. This selection of games is entirely different from those in the Summer collection.

  • Halloween
  • Oriental
  • Egyptian
  • Dragon
  • Space Fantasy
  • Fairy
  • Summer
  • Adventure
  • Animals
  • Sea
  • Winter
  • Magic
  • Music
  • Gold
  • Farm
  • Anime
  • Wild West
  • Money
  • 777
  • Action
  • African
  • Ancient
  • Arabian
  • Party
  • Candy
  • Horror
  • Irish
  • Jackpot
  • Jewel
  • Jungle
  • Nature
  • Retro
  • Romance
  • Travel
  • Vegas
  • Pirates
  • Miscellaneous
  • Multi ways

Bonuses and Promotions

Our providers have been consistently developing along with us. Embracing the future of crypto gaming, we are committed to giving you only their best and new games every week. Tournaments are also held for our competitive gamers to wager on and win new prizes.

Our gamers may come here because of our massive collection of games. We make them stay with bonuses which take their gaming experiences to another level.

Loyalty Awards

Keep coming back to our casino and we’ll keep you occupied with more bonuses for your gaming. Our Loyalty Program has seven (7) levels for you to clear by earning points through wagers on any of our games.

Start as a beginner when you sign up for an account and reach the other levels for more rewards.

The loyalty and awards are upgraded in this fashion.

  1. Beginner (achieved upon sign up)
  2. Fan (Achieved after 5 points)
  3. Expert (Achieved at 3750 points)
  4. Master (Achieved at 30,000 points)
  5. Guru (Achieved at 250,000)
  6. Legend (Achieved at 750,000)
  7. Hero (Achieved at 3,750,000)

In all the seven levels, players are given Milestone rewards consisting of Free Spins, Free Cash, Reward Points among other bonuses. Aside from the Milestone Awards, Rebate Points are awarded to Level 5 Guru until Hero.

RTP and House Edge

Now, here’s where we start discussing why a game is more than just betting on your lady luck.

The Return To Player (RTP) and House Edge is one thing to consider when wagering at Bitcasino. The RTP is the wagered money given back by a game to its players. The house edge is the money the game keeps for the casino.

This means that a game with an RTP of 97 will give back 97% of accumulated bets to its players in the long run. It will keep 3% to itself. This means that this game will give bigger and more rewards than a game with lesser RTP.

The house edge is the money that stays with the casino. With a house edge of 5%, 5% of your bets are immediately given to the casino. Thus, playing a game with a lower house edge means smaller earnings for the house and a bigger percentage for you.


Slot machines which operated on a lever and pulley system were first known as one-armed bandits. It was in the late 1800s that the slot machines existing today first were known and used. With a certain fascination on nickel-in-the-slot machines, Charles Fey invented the first variation of the machine⁠ on 1895— the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell was designed simply with three (3) reels with ten (10) symbols. The symbols included the usual playing cards visuals such as hearts, and spades along with stars, horseshoes, and its namesake, the bell. The mechanics of the game was to have three same symbols on the payout line and then, jackpot!

The simple and straightforward approach of the game was its allure for past gamblers. Disregarding the fact that the machine had a payout chance of one (1) in a thousand, the Liberty Bell became famous along with other machines that Fey had made in his company. This included the machines Draw Power and the Klondike.

Gambling and the machines were soon banned by the government. Slot makers and fans curved the laws by playing the machines in exchange for gum, candies and cigar coupons. The symbols of the flavour of gums or candy to be won were put on the reels instead.

The Liberty Bell led to the invention of innovative slot games of today – but in its physical and online form. Just like in the past, the slot’s easy and understandable gameplay makes it a favourite for players all over the world. And the digital makeover of today adds more plot and excitement to the simple game.

Bitcasino boasts the biggest collection of slot games on an online bitcoin casino. And it’s just not the variety of the game that we have for you, we also have free spins and wild symbols that will make your slot experience a lot more fun.

Tips for Slot Games

It doesn’t matter which one in the thousand of our games you will choose. We are very sure that you will be having fun. To level up the experience, here are a few tips that we can give you.

Pay attention to the pay tables

Each game is different from each other. Even with similar and simple gameplay, be sure to know how the particular game works.

A slot game’s pay lines and reels are different from each other. This works on the wagering system, bonus features and multipliers as well. Be sure to know how the reels rotate before placing your bets!

The classic Gonzo’s Quest revolves around the explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro and his travels to the Peruvian ruins. It is a slot game with five (5) reels and 20 pay lines. It also has the bonus features of up to 15 times multipliers along with the Free Fall and Avalanche Multipliers.

With an RTP of 96% and the said features, you can easily see why the game is a constant favourite. Once you know the basics of the game, you can bet, set the automated spins or do it manually to begin the adventure.

Go for the smaller jackpots

We know it’s really tempting to go for progressive jackpots. These are jackpot games that give you lots of money that just keeps growing and growing as players all around the world wager on it.

But as always, bigger winnings lead to heavier stakes.
You can be sure to win both small and high prizes on a maximum pay-out slot game. You can play longer and have smaller yet sure winnings in these kinds of slot games.

Spread your gameplay.

Payout rates differ from one slot game to another. That is why having a couple of favourite slot games is not wrong.

Don’t spend your time on a random pick especially if it is not giving you anything back. Try the One Play tactic where you only bet once on a game with a high stake, then move on to another game. You can bet another time with still the same bet if ever you got lucky.

This will ensure that your funds and time does not run out on just one game. Try other slot games at Bitcasino, we have a thousand of them reserved just for you!

Use those special bonuses

Top up your gambling with the bonuses we have for you.

We want you to have not only a complete experience but the best one. That’s why we keep on giving bonus after bonus. Pair those avalanching reels with our free spins and other bonuses to maximize your earnings!

Featured Slots

Every week comes with new games for our players to play. It does not mean, however, that we have left the old classics behind. Play these featured classics and up and coming games here at Bitcasino.

Lucky Streak 3 (96 % RTP)

With the old-school bar, fruit and the lucky 7 symbols, enjoy a fiery slot game in the third part of the Lucky Streak Saga brought to us by game provider Endorphina.

It’s three by three rows and reels have a pay line of five (5). The famous lucky “7” is still the highest-paying icon in the series. It also features a Golden Star that functions as a scatter bonus and the x2 multipliers that doubles your winnings.

Players are given the classic Gamble Rounds to try and attempt to double their winnings when they strike a trio.

In this round, you can play a card game against a dealer. A card with a value lower than the dealer will forfeit all earnings and a tie will result in a rematch. We hope that your cards end up higher in the flips as this will double your cash prize.

Wild Diamond 7x (96.69% RTP)

Wild Diamond 7x is a new vintage-themed video slot by Booming Games. With a three by three reels and rows and ten pay lines, this slot game boasts a classic casino-like experience with its gameplay.

Diamonds are literally WILD as the wild symbols in the game. The diamonds substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter. Having a trio of diamonds causes a two-way pay for the player.

A seven symbol is still lucky in this franchise. Dropped only in the middle line, any win formed along with a 7x symbol will be multiplied seven times. Free Spins symbol trigger both the scatter and free spins (in a trio) feature. It awards ten free spins for your gameplay.

Good Girl Bad Girl (97.8% RTP)

Good Girl Bad Girl is a modern slot game boasting intense graphics and audio along with unique gameplay. Powered by Betsoft, your choices are as important as the stakes as you choose between playing the good or the bad girl. In case you can’t decide, you can be both!

Choosing the good girl will give you smaller but regular wins. The bad girl grants fewer but larger wins. With a five by three reels and rows, you can toggle between 15 pay lines for either side and 30 pay lines for both.

The halo (for the good side) or pitchfork (for the bad side) are the wild symbols in the game. These wilds are only triggered by multipliers. Matching wilds can give a total coin bonus of up to 1000.

Regular wins for the two girls amount to similar prizes. Five (5), four (4) and three (3) match amount to 360, 90 and 20 coins respectively. Good and bad cats also bring 180 coins for five (5) matches.

Each game mode also has a different Money Wheel and a Pick-em Game plus the Gamble round. The symbols of the money wheel come on pay lines 1, 3 and 5. It will only be activated with all three.

The Money Wheel game will bring you from the reels to a luxurious garden or a smouldering pit. Free cash and spins are awarded after the spin. The Pick’em Game is created by landing both wilds together. The game features four (4) boxes which are safe and dangerous and gives both small and large wins.

It also features a Gamble round. Held in the clouds, the girls shall spin a coin. Whether good or bad- the coin will decide what happens to your earnings.

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Table Games

Gambling has been inherent in human life since time immemorial. The card games originated from old civilizations of Asian, Arabian and European descent. Many games existed in our very long timeline and sweet picks from them have remained in the present gambling scene.

In the past, cards were made from wooden or even ceramic tiles with pictures either etched or drawn. At a time, certain pictures were used in the cards until the French used hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. In another period, actual queens and notable personas such as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte were immortalized in card games.

Gambling has been something that we have developed for eras. Be a part of a long gambling history when you play these table game classics and their variations on the first bitcoin casino.


Labelled as the first card game for aristocrats, the game got its name from the Italian word baccara meaning zero. This is because the picture cards of the Jack, Queen and King are counted as tens or zeros (the last digit). Today, it is played by both professional and novice gamblers – both in real and online casinos.

Baccarat is a table game with relatively simple mechanics. Unlike other card games, you don’t need to deal with the cards yourself. You will have to choose between betting on the banker or the player or betting a tie.

The game will give both sides two cards. The cards’ total should be equal to nine or even closer to nine than the other party. The cards are counted in the fashion that the face cards reward a zero, an ace equals one (1), and the numbered cards are counted as their given value.

The banker and player will decide whether to hit or stand. A hit will imply getting another card while standing means keeping the cards. When a player surpasses 9, the sum of his cards will be counted by its last digit.

These are the rules in which the casino figures will get their cards.

  • If the player or banker has a total of 8 or 9, they must stand, and the round is over.
  • If the player hand has a score of 5 or less, they get to draw a card.
  • In contrast, if the player’s hand is strong enough to stand with two cards (i.e. 7), the bank must hit on a score of 5 or less.

On the third card, these conditions will extend to the gameplay.

  • If the player draws a 2 or 3, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 4. However, the bank must stand if they have a score between 5 and 7.
  • If the player draws a 4 or 5, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 5. However, the bank must stand if they have a score of 5 or 7.
  • If the player draws a 6 or 7, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 6. However, the bank must stand if they have a score of 7.
  • If the player draws an 8, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 2. However, the bank must stand if they have a score between 3 and 7.
  • If the player draws an Ace, 9, 10 or face card, the bank can take a new card if their score is between 0 and 3. However, the bank must stand if they have a score between 4 and 7.

Baccarat betting also has different payouts for the wagers. The bets on the player amount to an equal payout (1:1), the banker will result in a lesser payout with 5% edge to the house (1:0.95) and winning with a tied match will warrant a big prize (1:8).

Bitcasino offers variations of Satoshi Baccarat, Supersqueeze Baccarat, High Roller and High Limit Baccarat along with the classic game.


Blackjack has similar gameplay to Baccarat. However, you handle the cards this time. Hitting a blackjack means hitting the number 21 instead of nine (9) on your cards.

You can also win blackjack by landing cards close to blackjack without going over. The counting system is the same aside from the aces counted both as a one (1) or an 11 plus the fact that you are not allowed to go over 21.

In the blackjack game, the dealer will be given two cards like the players. One of these cards will be shown so you could use this for your decision-making. The following are moves that one can take in a Blackjack game.

  • Stand: Keep your cards.
  • Hit: Take one card.
  • Double Down: Double your bet for the game and receive one more card. This will be possible when your two cards total to 8 until 11.
  • Split: If your first hand is a pair, you can split the hand into two to have more chances of winning against the dealer. After doubling the first bet, you will receive two cards to count with each of the pairs.

Aside from the classic game, Bitcasino offers other variations of Blackjack. One of them is Double Exposure where both cards of the house are shown. You can also try your luck in high-limit games made for hefty stakes and winnings.


Another classic table game of the casino, Roulette is one of the oldest games of chance still present today. Existing since the 1600s, the classic game is popular across the world as well as its variations.

Typically, the mechanics of the game is simple. As a numbered and coloured wheel is spun and the ball is thrown in, players will bet on whether where the ball will eventually fall in.

Players can bet on individual numbers or various groupings such as colour (red or black), being odd or even or whether it will land on a high or low number. The only pockets that one cannot bet on is that of house number 0 or 00.

The bets are called inside and outside bets. This is dependent on where the chips are placed on the board. Inside bets are number and colour-specific bets while outside bets comprise the group bets.

Inside betting options

These bets have low probability but the payouts are bigger.

Straight-up bet

This is when a player wagers on a specific number. The odds are most of the time 35 to 1, depending on the wheel.

Split bet

The players place their chips between two numbers. This has a slightly higher probability than that of a straight bet with 17:1 odds.

Line bets/street bets

The chips are placed in the vertical line separating the inside and outside bets. This means that a trio of numbers is betted on with 11:1 odds.

Corner bet/quad bet

Chips are placed in the corner of four numbers to bet on. This has the odds of 8:1.

Double street bet

Similar to the placement of line and street bets, the chips are also placed in the corner of two rows. Betting on six specific numbers, it has the odds of 5:1.

Outside betting options

Popular outside betting options might include the following.

Red or black, odd or even.

These both have equal odds of winning in the table.

Dozens bet.

As the name implies, this means betting on 12 consecutive numbers on the wheel. They are numbered 1-12,13-24, and 25-36. This has a 2:1 odds.

Column bet

This has the same probability of the dozen bets. The chips are placed in the vertical lanes that have a dozen numbers which are not consecutive.

The variation of the Roulette game is highly dependent on rules and its wheel. Typically, however, they share the same basic mechanics.

The difference of the American wheel is having 0 and 00. This is a contrast to one house-owned spot in the European wheel. The American wheel has a 5.3% house edge while the European version reduces the house advantage to only 2.7%.

Try a variety of Roulette games here in Bitcasino.

Winning a gamble is a great feat to achieve. This is true regardless of whether it is a small or a big bet.

A true professional player shall know that the magic behind gambling is not just luck. Paired with knowledge of the game and a bit of patience, the betting game at Bitcasino can give you the satisfaction you are yearning for. en