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In 2003, Poker broke the world. It was then when amateur Chris Bryan Moneymaker winning the 2003 World Series of Poker headlined the news worldwide. His life became the new rags-to-riches story that enticed people around the world into the world of gambling.

You may think that Moneymaker got lucky. Even though he only qualified for the game at an online Poker casino, professional poker players of then had regarded him as the dark horse of the competition. If you looked at his journey, the American knew how to bluff his way into actually winning.

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Poker Basics

The classic Poker game uses one (1) deck of cards. Other variations use a number of cards and add extra cards such as the Joker.

The cards are ranked in the game according to their value and position. This puts the Ace at the highest, followed by the King, the Queen and then the Jack. Other numbered cards are seen by the number of their pips — hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. These four suits have no hierarchy whatsoever.

The goal of the game is to have a collection of cards that rank highest in your table. As follows are the hands available in a Poker game, from lowest to the highest ranking.

  1. High Card: This refers to the card with the highest position. Being the lowest of the ranks, you can only use it when you do not have any consecutive cards or pairs in your card according to ranks. For example, if you have cards of varied suits and an irregular pattern but there is an Ace. Your Ace will be the highest position in your hand and thus, the High Card.
  2. Pair: A pair is made with two cards of the same rank such as two aces or two queens. In a table with multiple pairs, the pair with the highest rank will win.
  3. Two Pair: This is when you have two pairs of the same rank.
  4. Three of a Kind: This is when you have a trio of the same rank. For example, you have three Jacks, an ace and numbered card.
  5. Straight: This is when you have 5 consecutive cards. This is formed regardless of suits and placement in the card sequence.
  6. Flush: This is when the cards are not in a consecutive pattern. However, they should all belong to one suit such as call cards being diamonds.
  7. Full House: A full house is a combination of the earlier patterns: a pair and a trio. If this is the highest hand in the table, you’ll win with a pair of aces and a trio of any numbered card.
  8. Four of A Kind: As the name implies, this hand is when you complete four cards of the same rank. For example, you have the king of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades plus one spare.
  9. Straight Flush: The prestigious Straight Flush is when you compile five (5) consecutive cards with all of them being in the same suit. For example, you hand is made of cards 2 to 6. They must all be hearts or basically, of the same suit.
  10. Royal Flush: The Royal Flush is the highest form of a Straight Flush. This will require you to complete five consecutive cards of the highest ranks in the same suit. This means your hand has to consist of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the Ten-valued card. They must all be of the same suit.

Ideally, the higher your hand is, the better your chances are of winning. But, an important factor of the game is you do not know what other players have. Thus, you are unsure if your cards are the highest or whatsoever.

When a round of betting occurs, players can actually bluff their way to winning. When this happens, a player with a high card can win even against a player with a straight flush! This can happen when a player effectively bluffs as if he has a royal flush and the probabilities of the game actually allow it.

A lot can happen in the betting rounds that transpire in a Poker match. That is why you should know when you need to call or to fold.

How To Play Poker

If you are itching to get the first Poker match of your life, you need to know how the match transpires first. You also need to know terms in the Poker scene. Here is a quick Bitcasino Dictionary.

Bitcasino Poker Dictionary

  • Action: This is when a player decides what move to take— to bet or to raise.
  • Ante: A small amount of money all players have to give before the game. This creates the pot money at the start of the game.
  • All-in: A player will bet all his bankroll or his chips (as in a physical casino) to the pot.
  • Big Blind: The big blind bets the highest bet of the table equal to the minimum bet.
  • Blind: This may refer to people seated beside the dealer— the small and big blind. They are required to give forced bets to make up for games lacking antes. This becomes the pot prizes.
  • Burn: This is the removal of the first card after cards are given to all players.
  • Call: Putting minimum betting money to the pot.
  • Check: To not bet in the round.
  • Community Cards: These are five cards that are on the table. Players can use this to make a hand.
  • Flop: First three community cards dealt.
  • Fold: Give up the game and your wagers.
  • Hole Card: These are the first two cards initially given to each player. They are also called pocket cards.
  • Raise: This is upping the minimum bets. This may be done by the big blind or who calls the big blind.
  • River: The last card of the community cards.
  • Showdown: This is the final stage of the game. Players show their cards to each other to find out who has the highest hand.
  • Split pot: The pot is halved when players make the same hand at the showdown.
  • Tell: This is an interpretation of a player’s action. This shows how strong or weak a player’s hand is.
  • Turn: The fourth card of the Board.

A Classic Game of Poker


The Blind

Opening the round, players are given two cards or the holes. Upon inspection of their cards, anyone can call the big blind. They can also raise the bets or fold altogether.


The Flop

After every player has made an action, the dealer burns a card. He then gets the three initial cards of the board. These three are referred to as the flop. There will be another round of betting after this.

One player must bet first before other players can call, raise or fold.


The Turn

Before the turn or fourth card is dealt, the dealer burns the card before it. As the usual pattern, a betting round can happen. At this point, the pot must have been raised multiple times.

In some poker games with limits, stakes can be halved or more than half at this point.


The River

As the last of the community cards, the dealing of the river happens in the same fashion. The dealer shall burn another card before issuing the fifth card. The last round of betting will occur.

At this point of time, many players can fold. But most of the time, many still call or even raise especially when having a good hand.


The Showdown

The final stage of a Poker match is when the hands are shown. Players can use the totality of the community cards or the board together with their hole cards to make their hand. Players can also opt out of using their hole cards.

If a tie occurs, the pot is then separated among the winning players.

In summarization, you try to form the best hand using hole cards that were given to you and community cards that are shown to the table at each turn. The idea is to learn how to win, bluff or fold depending on the cards that one hold.

The match can end even before a showdown when all but one player has folded. Even without having the best hand, one can win when the rest of the table has folded.

Poker Variations


The Omaha has similarities to the classic Poker game. You will be given the five community cards in the same sequence after three rounds of betting. The difference is made with the hole cards being four (4) in the Omaha Poker variation.

This game requires the players to use two (2) of their hole cards with three (3) of the board. The best possible five-card hand wins the pot.

Be careful of this rule when playing this game. Having a good hand in your hole cards is a negative thing in Omaha. This is since you can only use two of your hole cards.

Casino Hold’em

The Casino Hold’em is basically the same as the classic Poker game of Texas Hold’em. The game uses an ante bet and you can win the ante pot if you get lucky.

After the hole cards are given, the player can choose whether to call or fold. You can do this, unlike the earlier version where the flop cards have to be shown first. The game then continues as it normally does.

The dealer will be dealing the flop cards to the community board. There will be another round of betting The same thing will happen until the turn and river are dealt to the table.

Be sure to call when you can make a winning hand. Also, know when to fold if your cards are at a disadvantage to minimize your losses.

If you have the winning hand after the showdown, the payout odds will be 1:1. If you get a straight flush or better you will win the ante bets.

Carribean Stud

This is a Poker variant wherein you play against the dealer. The difference between the Carribean Stud and other Poker variants is big.

In this game, five (5) hole cards are initially dealt to both sides. One of the dealer’s cards will be shown for you. After this, comes your action. You can either fold or call.

There are different payouts based on the cards that you have against the dealer. If you win against the dealer’s hand, you automatically also win the ante.

The big factor that differentiates the Carribean Stud from Classic Poker and other variants is that you have to choose from your original hole cards. Classic Poker cards give you a seven (7) or more collection of cards to choose from.

Triple Card Poker

This Poker variant also uses the ante bet and is played against the dealer.

The game only deals three cards for your initial and final cards. Yours are given face up and the dealers down. Here you can decide to call or fold.

You can also choose between extra options— Pair Plus Bonus and a Six Card Bonus. After that, the dealer’s cards will be checked.

The dealer automatically loses when his hand is lower than a Queen High Card. This will reward your call stake and the ante bet that costs the same as your minimum bet. The dealer’s hand can still be higher. If this happens, the normal process shall transpire.

You will win your basic stake if you have a hand higher than the dealer. When you get straight or higher, you also win the ante pot. If your hand loses, you forfeit the game.

The Pair Plus Bonus is won when you have a pair after placing this bet. The Six Card Bonus is won only when the collected cards from the dealer and yours build five-card poker hands.

The odds here can be very big. This can range from 7:1 for a three of a kind and 1000:1 for a Royal Flush.

Popular Poker Games

Deuces Wild

This video poker game is another variation of the classic Poker game. Players of Deuces Wild try to make the best five-card hand from a set of replacement cards. They will decide in the game which to keep and what to burn.

When players click the green button, the first five cards will be dealt to the players. Freezing the cards through the ‘hold’ button will decide what card to keep. After that selection, the replacement cards will be dealt and you can finally make a hand out of this.

The game is called Deuces Wild because of the number 2. The 2 acts as a wild to substitute for any card that will help you in the last part of the game. The game will automatically freeze these cards.

Double Up can be done in the game. Here you will be required to guess the colour of the next card that will be drawn.

With a minimum bet of 5 m₿, you can win up to 4000 coins in this game. Go wild with betting in the Deuces Wild of Bitcasino.

Joker’s Poker

This game is similar to Deuces Wild in terms of gameplay. The only difference is that Jokers are the Wilds.

Wilds will automatically substitute for any card that will help you in the last part of the game. The game will automatically freeze these cards.

Follow these rules in both Deuces Wild and Joker’s Poker to have more chances of winning.

  • Keep all the deuces.
  • Having all four deuces won’t make you win automatically. Wilds make your hand better. For that to happen, you need to have a hand first. Keep all cards if this happens.
  • Discard cards that are not deuces and can’t make a Pair, or any other paying hand.
  • Hold multiple cards that can form high hands such as cards that can form a straight, a straight flush or the Royal Flush.
  • Don’t hold four cards to make a special hand with one specific card. There is a big possibility of this not happening.
  • If you have two deuces, keep it. Also, keep the card in the given cards that can form the highest hand.

Our other games include All American Poker, and Tens or Better. The only differences are the payout equivalents.

Aside from our Video Poker games, you can also view dedicated Poker tables in our Live Casino. Bitcasino offers you its collection of Blackjack games in our Live Casino. Aside from this card game, our Live Casino has a variety of games like Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Our Live Casino has an entirely different section when you access our Live Casino Lobby. Here you can view our available Blackjack tables! You can easily toggle between other game categories such as Roulette, Poker and Baccarat in the Lobby.

Other information can also be accessed here.

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  • Maximum Players per Table
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Bitcoin Gaming

The first games of Poker were done by Old American societies by bartering gold. It can be a gold nugget or flakes of gold— what matters is it is gold! The chips were developed after a while. They were made from ivory, bone, wood, and clay.

Now, a variety of currencies can be used in casinos worldwide and even online. As the first of our kind, Bitcasino has led the crypto gaming business allowing the use of digital currencies in the casino industry.

With Bitcoins as our leading medium of exchange, we accept transactions and betting in our site done with various cryptos.

The use of digital tenders instead of fiats has a very apparent advantage. Since BTC has long created its own economy separate from that of traditional money. It has proven itself to be a trusty platform to use.

BTCs and other cryptos are decentralized money. This means that they are free from the hold of the bank or the government. There is also not much documentation needed in having an e-wallet because of this.

Bitcoin also uses its own independent blockchain technology. This technology encrypts data sent by processes in its own blockchain that cannot be easily accessed by a human or even a supercomputer.

Aside from these cool perks, the use of BTCs allow us to be consistent with our commitment in serving you efficiently.

  • No Extra Fees for Withdrawal and Deposits: The very nature of Bitcoins and other cryptos dismiss the use of other entities. These entities normally charge money for transfers. This is avoided in crypto transactions.
  • Speedy Transactions: BTC and crypto platforms can handle multiple transactions at once. They are made to transfer data in the swiftest speed.
  • No Data Theft: Not much of your private information is needed in BTC deals. This ensures our players’ privacy and better data security.
  • Games made for Bitcoins: Our providers have customized their games to fit the Bitcoin mould. These games are made with Bitcoins in mind.

Cryptos can be used in many online transactions. You can shop, pay bills and play games! The following cryptos are accepted in Bitcasino.

Bitcoin 2

Bitcoins (BTC)

BTCs are widely accepted in the United Kingdom and various countries.

As the leading crypto, BTCs are highly volatile. This means that its value rises and falls in accordance to demand. The value of one bitcoin today is about 9000 EUR. Its highest value almost reached 18,000 EUR for one bitcoin in 2017.


Ethereum (ETC)

The ether (ETX) is the tender used in Ethereum transactions. The Ethereum is apparently the platform where the transfers occur. One special thing to note about ETX coins are that they can be mined infinitely. This is unlike BTCs who have a set ceiling point.

ETH also has a ‘smart contract’ feature that sets certain conditions to be met before making transactions.


Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoins are used as BTC alternatives. LTCs are a lot smaller than BTCs. This makes them great to use in small transactions. LTCs can also be mined faster than the BTC block.

Because of this relationship, LTCs and BTCs develop alongside each other.



Similar to ETCs, Tron is a platform for a cryptocurrency. The tender that is used by this is called the Tronix (TRX). Only fully formed as an e-money platform in 2017, this is one very young yet successful crypto.

Tron primarily caters to the entertainment market.

It can do 2,000 transactions every second unlike BTC at three (3) to six (6) transactions per second and ETC at 25 transactions per second.

Players are sure to enjoy their bitcoin gambling at our casino. Your bets on Bitcoin.io are made cheaper, faster and more secure!

Betting tips

We know that betting can give you a different kind of high. Winning a bet or even merely placing a bet can give a gambler the thrill he may be looking for.

However, you should see to it that your bankroll lasts until you’ve had your fill of the thrill!

These are some tips that we can give you.

Manage your bankroll carefully

You may have already heard of the bankroll. The bankroll is the total sum of money you will bet. A professional gambler separates his bankroll from all the necessities of one’s daily life.

There are many strategies for managing your account. You can start by betting small bets continuously instead of gambling big on uncalculated bets.

You also have to be mindful of the bets your bankroll can make. If you have a small bankroll, you won’t spend long in the casino betting large chunks of it. You should have a betting pattern that can be supported by your betting wallet.

Set your Limits

Remember to set your limits so that you can know how much you cannot lose. When you have reached your bankroll limit, you should stop. No matter how tempting the next wager will be, you have to acknowledge this limit.

The limit should not be forgotten in case of losses. Although there is pressure to get back what you lost, you should not go way past the limit trying to win. Remember that you are gambling and there always was the possibility of losing. Try your luck on a different day.

You should also maintain your bankroll before you go wagering again. You will have the need for more money if you come to the casino short of your usual bets.

Use a strategy

Sometimes, gambling is a pure game of chance. Sometimes, you can mix in a skill. However, having a proper strategy in managing your money can help you in the long run.

These strategies are not genies. They will not let you beat the game. Otherwise, all players will be using these strategies. There are certain helpful strategies that will not bring you big wins but you are sure to minimize your losses with them.

Have a good money arrangement

It is very easy to bet when you have the money. When you keep on winning the game, you are at the highest point of the thrill. But who knows when Lady Luck will leave your side?

You should also put a limit to your earnings. This means you have to be careful not to lose your winnings when you still have them. Learn to leave when the upper hand.

Luck comes and goes. If you don’t learn this, gone will be your bankroll.

Poker History Trivia

  • Some say that the Poker game originated from a domino-card kind of game played by an emperor in Ancient China.
  • There is also the Persian card game ‘As Nas’ to set as one ancestor of modern Poker. This game is played just like Poker but with a smaller number of participants. There are also betting rounds and action done to continue or stop playing in the match.
  • A card game in the 1500s, Primero, was described as a game that builds a combination of a pair, three of a kind and a flux. Only three cards were dealt in this game. Other French card games like Poque were also born soon enough.
  • First played in America early 1800s, Poque is another ancestor of Poker. The game Pochen was also introduced near this time. Pochen literally means ‘to bluff’.
  • Poker played with the highest hand being a five-card hand had been present since the 1830s. This makes the game different from the earlier game, As Nas. As Nas is played with four-card hands as its highest rank.
  • Queen Victoria of Europe was also fascinated with the game of Poker. After US Minister to Great Britain Colonel Jacob Schenck explained the game to some members of the court, he had a copy of the rules of Poker printed and sent to the Queen.
  • Poker was already famous in cities all over the world in the 1800s. It was set as a reference for me Hollywood films starring the ‘Wild West’.
  • Poker had a shady reputation during this time. Poker games usually ended up in fights because of cheating accusations. The gaming of Poker also went to the ships and steamboats when gambling was banned on land.
  • Gradually through the years, the Poker game became enchanting to all people even the rich. With the development of technology, Poker games were then televised.
  • In time, the World Series of Poker was born. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker made serious money winning the 2003 World Series of Poker. Back then, Chris was just a novice playing at an online casino who luckily qualified for the tournament.
  • Today, stories of great luck following Poker players attract new gamblers to casinos.

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