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A beginner’s guide to playing Spribe’s Plinko

When it comes to crypto casinos, Plinko is one of the most popular arcade games. It’s a modern digital version of the game that debuted on ’The Price Is Right’ in 1983. It was inspired by the famous pachinko machines found in Japan. 

Plinko refers to any gambling game in which a ball or disc is dropped down a grid of pegs called the Galton Board. People who play Plinko get paid based on how far a ball drops. It is possible to lose some of your stakes when the ball drops down. If the ball drops further from the centre and more on the sides, you can receive 100 times your stake. 

On the other hand, Spribe is an iGaming company that specialises in developing new casino games and unique gaming solutions. With this, Spribe’s Plinko is one of the most played crypto games many bettors enjoy. The game can be played on various reputable casino sites like Bitcasino. You can enjoy your gameplay to the fullest while increasing your chances of winning your bets without hassle.

How to play Spribe’s Plinko in Bitcasino?

A launched ball will fall through the hole at the top of the pyramid. The ball will then fall down the maze, deflected by the pins, and eventually drop in one of the coloured boxes. That box will determine your reward.

Start the game by placing your bet. Then, based on the number of lines of pins in the pyramid, determine the number of pins you want in your Plinko game. You’ll have three options in the Spribe version: 12, 14, or 16 lines. More lines mean more pins. It can be challenging to win with more pins, but the reward will be bigger.

You can select which colour box the ball will land in and what multiplier it will get in Spribe’s Plinko. You can get the lowest to the highest range with red for multipliers. Meanwhile, the green colour offers lower multiplies but higher winning probabilities. Once you play Spribe’s Plinko game, remember that a profit demands a multiplication larger than one.

Game features

Plinko, like other crypto arcade games, is uncomplicated and straightforward. A few features in the game give players greater control but no bonus rounds.

  • Auto mode – When you use the Plinko Auto mode, you’ll watch a stream of balls come down, each of which is a bet. You can choose which colour balls you like in the Spribe version. 
  • Risk level – Unlike other Plinko games, there is no risk setting in the Spribe Plinko game. Green indicates the lowest risk, Yellow indicates moderate risk, and Red indicates a high risk. Of course, the higher your risk or bet, the higher your payout.
  • Provably Fair game – Plinko is a fair game. To validate the game’s fairness on the blockchain, these games provide players with a piece of code known as a hash. 

Frequently asked questions about Plinko

To give you a better understanding of Plinko and how to play it efficiently, we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

Where can you play Spribe’s Plinko?

You can try Spribe’s version of Plinko for free in fun play mode at reputable casino sites such as Bitcasino. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free. Some of them even allow you to sign up using your Facebook or another social network account, making the procedure even quicker.

What strategies can you use to play Plinko?

Some players want a lower risk and reward ratio, while others prefer a larger risk and bigger rewards. It’s similar to how some people favour high-volatility slot machines over low-volatility ones. Plinko’s main advantage is that you can control the game’s volatility. You can play around with different settings to see which one you prefer.

Plinko trivia

Everyone enjoys Plinko, but not everyone is familiar with the game’s illustrious past as a staple of television game shows. Here are some fun and exciting facts about the popular game Plinko.


Bob Barker claimed that the game’s name was derived from the “plink” sound of the chips hitting the metal spikes as they went down the board before its first play on January 3, 1983.


When Plinko was introduced in 1983, the board featured an open face. It was not unusual for players to have their chips rebound in the past. To provide the contender with a second chance, they were allowed to play their chip again.  

The game’s makers place a plexiglass cover over the board to keep the chips from flying around. Then the triangular grid-shaped holes were added to prevent the chips from flying out of the plexiglass cover while still allowing trapped chips to be dislodged.

If a chip is trapped on the board during play, it is knocked loose, and the drop is not counted. The contender regains possession of the chip and is given another opportunity to compete. To remove a chip that has gotten trapped above the reach of the host’s arm, the host typically utilises a long stick. ’Trusty Plinko Stick’ was Bob Barker’s nickname for the stick, while ‘Plinko Stick’ or ‘Plinko Wand’ was Drew Carey’s.

Plinko chips

Not everyone was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in The Price Is Right. However, a few lucky ones had the chance to play Plinko and get to touch one of the ten rare game chips. The chips are of high value. That is why each time they are used, the chips are immediately stored in a secure box.


The cue music for Plinko’s 1983 premiere was the same as that of the Grand Game. The next time Plinko was played, the prize cue was titled “The Cats” and featured Golden Road and Punch-A-Bunch themes. Music such as this remained till 1995. Only the harps that were added between 1995 and 1998 have been used to introduce the game since January 7, 2003.

Plinko is an exciting game that is also an excellent alternative to slots. It’s quick to learn and has a low house edge. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll find many options for increasing the difficulty while also increasing the potential rewards. Play Plinko at Bitcasino and enjoy this crypto arcade game that is not only eye candy but is also a fun way to increase your bets.

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