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Guide to Betting with Bitcoin Online

Buying Bitcoin is almost impossible nowadays because of its current price. Mining them also proved to be difficult because newbies have to compete with mining pools and companies. Trading crypto is challenging work that requires knowledge in the market. Exchanges help those who don’t have the skills to compete with other traders but there are high fees involved.

Fortunately, Bitcoin can be earned as rewards through gambling! Websites such as Bitcasino offers gamblers the easiest and most fun way to earn the most expensive cryptocurrency in the market! Betting does not involve an entire Bitcoin every time, either. They only need mBTC, μBTC, or Satoshi to start playing!

How to Begin

There are only a few things that a gambler needs to begin betting. The first is a means to deposit funds and receive your winnings. You need a crypto wallet. A mobile or browser wallet is great for fast transactions. Both kinds of wallets have amazing security but you may want to buy a hardware wallet if you plan on saving thousands of Bitcoin in the future.

Of course, you first need some crypto to deposit. Fortunately, you don’t need to wager a full Bitcoin in Bitcasino. The website accepts mBTC (0.001 BTC) as betting credits. You can start with a handful of mBTC as your starting funds. If you don’t have any crypto yet then you may use fiat to buy Bitcoin through MoonPay!

Types of Website to Try

There are two categories of websites for crypto gambling: online casinos and sports betting sites/sportsbook. Bitcasino is an online casino. They offer gambling games such as slots, baccarat, roulettes, and blackjack. Poker is the first game to be played with Bitcoin and the practice continues to this day. Some websites specialize in one or two categories so feel free to explore different brands.

Sportsbooks are dedicated to sports betting. Some of the most popular examples include Betway and Just like online casinos, sportsbooks may differ from each other based on speciality. Some websites only focus on a handful of sports or focus on the major leagues only.

Ways to Stay Safe as Crypto Gambler

Cryptocurrency is known for its heavy security. Only you, the owner with the private keys, can edit your assets. This is unlike fiat which can be vulnerable to hackers. However, there are still some precautions that a user should take.

Maintain your anonymity. Blockchains keep their users’ identities private for safety. Don’t share your gambling account details with anyone. As much as possible, don’t even mention that you are gambling online. When joining community forums, create an account that won’t lead to your private or professional email.

Even if you are playing on a trusted website like Bitcasino, you should always log off after you are done playing. The same should be practised for sportsbooks as you must log off after placing your bets. Staying logged in makes your account vulnerable to being accessed through a shared Wi-fi in public. Keep your accounts safe to protect your savings.

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