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Your Guide to Teen Patti

You are probably familiar with Teen Patti especially if you play casino games. Believe it or not, it literally means ‘three cards’. It is also an Indian game that is usually played in Hindu celebrations with a group of three to six persons.

What’s interesting about this game is that it has a lot of similarities to the three-card brag game. It is basically a Western-inspired Indian game. In the beginning, a fixed amount is placed before the cards are distributed. What makes it challenging is that all of the players are dealt with three cards facing down. To increase your chances of winning, here are the possible ranking of hands from lowest to highest:

  • Straight run- you need three consecutive cards that are from the same suit
  • Trail- you need three cards that have the same rank
  • Normal run- you need three consecutive cards but it does not have to be in the same suit
  • Colour- you need three cards of the same suit
  • Pair- you need two cards of the same rank
  • High card- you need three cards that do not belong to any of the mentioned

Tips to Win in Teen Patti

It might be overwhelming at first but you will definitely get a hang of it especially if you get the basics down. Playing this game is not a race, take your time to think about your next moves! To make it easier for you, here are the tips to know to win in teen patti:

Play the Game Multiple Times

To master the game, it is highly recommended to play teen patti at Bitcasino multiple times. With this, you will naturally get the flow of the game. It is also the reason most rookie players tend to play more rounds.

Begin with small bets

It is better to start with small bets. In this way, you can also spread your losses and avoid overspending. If you are continuously losing, it is better to quit and start a fresh new game. You can always increase your betting amount especially if you already have a strong hand.

Play the Blinds

It is best to play the blind if you have good cards. The great thing about starting with a blind is that you can focus on the game and even observe the movement of the other players. Playing blind also reduces your risk of losing the game.

The Sideshow Request

Take advantage of the sideshow request especially if you already know the cards. It is basically a move wherein you can compare the cards of the last player who placed a bet with seen cards. What’s interesting is that a player can only reject a sideshow request three times.

Mentioned are just some tips and tricks you need to know. You also need to be familiar with the basics of the game. What are you waiting for? Have a great time playing teen patti at Bitcasino.

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